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    Linda Thomsen

    Dear Ladies of the ROMANCE group,
    Recently joined, but would to take advantage of any help-and-wisdom you can pass my way. Please drop me a line and let me know if you’d be interested in critiquing my paltry efforts.


    Kenra Daniels

    Hi Linda!

    Welcome to LWC! Nice to meet you!

    You might want to let everyone know more about the work you’re looking to have critiqued. It’s hard to know if we’re interested without knowing any details. People are lazy – if they have to look further than your profile for the info, they’re unlikely to search further.




    Hey everyone! I’m Leah and I’m looking for a good critique partner who’s willing to stick with me through my writing stages. I’m currently on my 1st draft of my 1st book. It’s about a girl who’s apart of a rare race of angels, and falls in love with a mortal which is strictly forbidden. It’s YA and if you’d like to read a full synopsis feel free to msg me. =)



    Hi Leah,

    I’ll be happy to read your work. I am also looking for someone who will read my own work. Anyone out there?
    The majority of my stories are about wealthy men and very strong willed women who immediately fall in love, but don’t always know that. I also have a few historical romances; nobility that fall head over heals in love.
    my email is: lindamkeohane@hotmail.com so please anyone write me an email if you want to partner up 🙂



    Dear ladies of main stream and romance group, I recently joined and I’m looking for a good critique partner. At the moment I am writing a story about a family of witches who need to for fill a prophecy that was foretold in the year 1692 by a coven in Salem MA. I have tried to stay as true to the wiccan beliefs as much as possible. Of course there is some liberties taken concerning magic and to stir up the pot a little romance is thrown in here and there. I hope there is someone out there who would like to partner up with me you may reach me at smallwoodlaurie@gmail.com.



    Hello Ladies,
    I am working on my first novel. It is a hip, funny, sexy, modern romance. (That’s the goal, at least!) I need a critique partner. I am not looking for someone to pat my back and tell me I’m awesome–I really would love to trade constructive feedback as we go along.

    I have rough drafts of several chapters done and I can post a link if you are interested.



    Hi. I have written a story and i would like to have a critique partner. Im looking for help with grammar and feedback. its a romance love triangle story. reply if your interested. Thank you.




    I am writing romance but I also write Nocturnal, sc-fi wolves and such. Would really like a cp or group to look at them and also to kick my butt into shape and get me going on finishing them. Please friend – contact me etc if you are interested!




    Hello ladies!

    I have completed my second novel and turned it into my agent — who promptly told me to find a good beta reader and critique partner because it has problems. Ouch. It is in the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre. It’s about a woman who is the offspring of the devil himself, and the angel of death who is sent to kill her. Think Romeo and Juliet meets Legion. But of course they fall in love and he risks his life, along with the end of the world, if he doesn’t follow through on his mission.

    I’m looking for really honest, specific critique and would love to read your work and provide the same. I’m a very fast reader and can usually get through a book in a few days, so if you’d like to trade chapters or an entire draft of your novel, please email me at jgeissinger@yahoo.com

    Thanks! Joyce




    I am also interested in a critique partner. I think a partner can make all the difference in the world!

    I write romance influenced by Debbie Macomber and Susan Wiggs. I love Jodi Picoult but had to distance myself a bit. I like her so much I was trying to imitate her, and unfortunately our writing styles are different. I am a HUGE fan of Alice Hoffman, but write nothing like her.

    I have a WIP which started out as inspirational romance – thinking I might change it to be more of a mainstream romance. I lean towards the “sweet romance”. I definitely to not write anything R rated but I don’t mind reading R rated.

    Please email me if you would like to give it a try and see if we can work together. maria_buscher@yahoo.com.



    I just joined also, and need a critique partner. Can anyone help me? I write Christian Romance and such. Normally I partner my Romance with Suspense. I would love to read anything anyone else writes, please help!



    I write humorous historical romance and funny paranormal romance. I’m looking for a crit partner who knows historical romance and hopefully writes in a different genre, for the most part. I find that two different historical voices tend to clash, unless they are very different time frames.
    I’m also looking for someone who works fast, because I work fast. And hopefully someone who can be honest, but do it in a kind way. That’s how I try to offer crits. Name the good and the bad.
    Msg me if interested.



    Hello dear ladies,

    I’m writing my first book, a paranormal romance with medium to high levels of sensuality. I’m looking for a critique partner who is familiar with the paranormal/ UF genre and doesn’t mind giving and receiving brutally honest feedback. That’s completely respectful, of course.

    Trading a chapter once a week works for me. I can’t do more due
    to my writing and other commitments.

    I review poetry on an online writers community although have dabbled a bit with prose fiction. My reviewees have appreciated my reviews.

    Not too great at punctuation, although I’m okay at grammar. I’m also an avid reader and very familiar with PNR/UF genre. My influences are kresley cole, Nalini Singh, Karen Marie moning, Ilona Andrews and many more.

    Pls msg me if interested,




    Hello Ladies,

    I just joined recently. I wrote a Regency romance mystery and am looking for a critique partner who is familiar with Regency historical and romance mysteries.

    I need someone to tell me if the novel is consistent, all loose ends are tied, character development, grammar, etc. I am usually very good at critiquing others but cannot separate myself from my work.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.




    Anyone feel like reading a short contemporary about a wheelchair-bound artist and a soldier returning from the Gulf? Emotional but not, I hope, too dark, sweet to medium as far as explicitness. I’m looking for a reality check on the big picture–pacing, characterization, does it work for you?–more than grammar or spelling. Am happy to reciprocate; maybe we could trade a chapter apiece and see how we mesh, then go from there.

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