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    Heyo! My story is YA paranormal action/adventure. My novel is called CROSSFIRE, and features a 16-year-old girl named Cynthia Fletcher as the main character. It has multicultural teens from all corners of the globe running amuck in New York City, glowing dogs called Comets, and an antagonist called the Man in White. I’m unpublished, unagented, and looking for an agent currently. CROSSFIRE is in it’s 7th draft, and my query and synopsis are polished and ready to go. I’m currently querying agents, and have received a few requests so far.

    Favorite stories include: The Raven Boys, Lord of the Rings, the Diviners, Not A Drop To Drink, Graceling, These Broken Stars, Cinder, etc.

    I’ve been writing for 15 years, and currently work as a YA Library Assistant in So California. I’ve written several (unpublished) novels, and usually write a book every 4-6 months. They range from CROSSFIRE to a four book fantasy series to my current manuscript about angels. I’m currently 100 pages into a new manuscript, but would love feedback on CROSSFIRE, if possible!

    I’m a pretty experienced writer who’s very serious about turning writing into a career, and would love to connect with someone who’s just as serious!

    I’m looking for an awesome critique partner(s) willing to review CROSSFIRE, a 66k novel, and hoping to offer some help in return. I have a lot of experience with critiquing, and I’ve helped fellow writers rehash manuscripts from beginning to end. I’m also looking for CPs who wouldn’t mind talking about writing/sharing snippets now and then for fun (though this is not a requirement!).

    If you’re interested, please contact me ASAP.


    -Hayden Marie



    Hey Hayden

    I am also looking for long term a CP.

    My manuscript is a YA romantic fantasy/ urban fantasy. i wanted to call it a romantic comedy, but that’s more a movie thing, i think.

    i don’t have a detailed synopsis as you have but i do have the query i’ve been working on, which give all the basics.

    A girl trapped…
    Storm Walters is the only heir left to a throne she never realised existed. The problem is she never wanted to be a princess in the first place. Now she’s stuck in the magical realm of Encante, forced by some stupid law to marry a prince in order to become the new queen. Sounds like every sixteen year-old girl’s dream come true, but for Storm it’s the beginning of a nightmare. She doesn’t want the crown, but others would gladly kill for it.

    A boy imprisoned by darkness…
    After being caught up in a decades-old war, twenty-one year old Rune Caspian feels like he’s stuck in a nightmare. The ghosts of the past haunt his dreams and have begun to spill into his waking world. Disgraced and trapped in a prison of his own making, Rune’s tried just about everything to escape his own personal hell. When he accepts the task of returning the lost princess to Encante, Rune never expected that she would be the one to see past the darkness and through his scars.

    A war they never wanted…
    Someone wants Storm dead. The accusations against Rune pile up and when his true lineage is revealed, his guilt is all but cemented. He’s the biological son of the enemy clan’s king, but he’s being framed. The only thing that can prove his innocence is a love that they have to keep secret.

    The pair is forced to make a choice. Prove his innocence and lose each other, or risk Rune’s conviction and reignite the war. Their only hope is to find the real culprit before Rune runs out of time.

    it’s Duel Pov and i’m currently working on polishing edits, well hopefully they will be polishing edits lol… let me know if you would be interested.




    Hey! I’m also looking for a long-term CP! I am known as a toughy, but I say everything with the best of intentions and i like to push my CPs to their best (plus you can always just ignore everything i say that you don’t like 🙂 )

    Let me know if you’d be interested!


    Simon Torrent is twelve, and has run away from home for the last time. Promise. The deal is only cemented more when he finds a necklace and accidentally teleports halfway around the world.

    In the heart of Scotland’s Galloway Forest, resides the secret city of Dundras, where the people value the preservation of mythological creatures more than anything. Within its borders exists everything from the blue bulbos beetles to the pesky spotted hornknuckles. Or were they horntruffles? Simon wasn’t the best with names. Still, when the wondrous foliage and wildlife weren’t trying to kill him, Simon loved nothing more than to explore the strange yet whimsical city.

    But, there’s been a kidnapping.

    Dundras’ librarian was last seen in the library, playing with her precious necklace — the one Simon used to teleport. With all attention focused on his not-so-coincidental appearance, Simon has no choice but to prove his innocence. As it is, people are already starting to whisper, not to mention some new creatures have moved into the forest, too. Dark, evil creatures. It’s not his fault they arrived at the same time he did. All Simon wants to do is make some new friends. Yet, despite all the mischievous adventures Simon manages to get lost on, he can’t lose focus. He has to stop the kidnapper before someone else goes missing, or something else shows up.

    It is a middle grade fantasy at 57,000 words



    I’m looking for serious long-term CP too! Current WIP is book 3 in my Null City series (books 1 and 2 published by Taliesin). Please let me know if you’d be interested in exchanging chapters.



    barbtaub thanks for getting back to me! I’ll DM you

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