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    I’m new to LWC and hoping to find a long-term writing buddy/critique partner. I’d like to find someone to share snippets of what we’ve written, writing as a whole, or just share ideas and brainstorm with or bounce ideas off of. I write YA, so I’d prefer someone who also writes YA or NA. Someone who doesn’t mind cheesy humor (mine, not necessarily in my writing) or random, half-coherent babbling. Blunt honesty (note: not rudeness) is a plus. I’d like to be able to consider this person a friend and not feel like a burden when looking for help and support.

    I have two projects I’m currently working on, one that I’m revising in the YA sci-fi category (part one in a trilogy) and one that I’m drafting in the YA contemporary category.

    I read just about anything in the YA category (and some NA) that has romance. I’m currently on a big contemporary kick and not so much into paranormal/supernatural (sci-fi and fantasy are great!), but that goes in waves.

    If you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you!



    Hi, I’m also new to LWC, and hoping to find a long-term writing buddy and alpha reader whom I click with– someone I can share chunks of newly drafted goodness with, bounce ideas off of, and brainstorm with. I’m pretty good at the blunt honesty thing, often end up rambling/babbling myself, and I don’t mind cheesy humor. 😉

    I read and write across most genres of YA, though I have a particular soft spot for speculative or contemporary. My current WIP is a YA contemporary ghost story. I also have a YA fantasy in the early stages.

    If you’re interested in possibly talking more or arranging a swap to test the waters, I’d love to hear back from you!



    hey there,
    i’m looking for a long term CP as well.
    i have CP experience and am never nasty.
    i to can also be a little random at time and sometime let my inner nerd show, but i’m all for random comments and conversations 🙂

    i totally have a silly sense of humor and i use it a lot in my own writing so that would not bother me in the slightest.
    i will send you a PM with a sample of my writing so you can see if it is for you or not, (that is assuming it lets me, it hasn’t been letting me PM lately?) but for now here is something i have been working on, it’s not amazing because it’s a work in progress but it give you an idea what it is about.

    Duty, Love or life, you can only pick one, choose wisely.
    Storm Walters has always been a little different. She has always loved the water, always loved the night and always loved music. She never expected her oddities to be because she wasn’t even human. After Rune, a tall, handsome hunk of man saves her life in the parking lot of a music festival Strom’s life takes an enchanting turn. Storm is an Encantado, a princess and set to be engaged to Rune’s gorgeous little brother Zephyr. In an odd turn of events she finds herself in Encante, a magical realm where the people, she didn’t even know she was a part of live, and a place she would one day rule. She finds herself sucked into a middle of a decade’s old war, trapped in a place that will never be her home and locked in a binding blood contract to marry a guy she doesn’t even know. Then there is Rune, the tortured, damaged, moody, but sweet guy that she’s falling madly in love with. Storm has to marry his brother if she wants to live, but can she marry the brother of the man she really loves? All while trying to fight a war she knows nothing about, a war that seems to want her as its final casualty.

    if you like it or don’t get a PM from me, send one my way.

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