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Looking for a writing partner to accompany me on this adventure!

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    Hello, all! I’m currently at the very beginning of my first real go at a novel. I’ve been writing creatively, academically, and professionally for the last fifteen years, but this remains a terrifying prospect. I’d love to find someone to share this journey with. As an academic, brainstorming collaboratively and talking through my problems was so incredibly helpful for me and my process. Even though I’m only at the beginning stages, I’d love to work with another writer/adventurer to help each other in building and working through our manuscripts.

    My story is something I’ve decided to call “cozy fantasy,” and involves a young woman who becomes lost in the forest that borders her family’s old, dilapidated, Isle of Mann home. She’s accompanied by the family dog and her mute nephew, and together, they accidentally find themselves in a world of magic that mirrors their own, dangerously. There’s an island of bear shape-shifters, lots of folklore, crackling fires, a selkie, and many wintery adventures.

    I’ve been hugely influenced by writers like Philip Pullman, A.S. Byatt, Kate Arden, and JK Rowling. I have a longer, more formal pitch if you’re on the fence. Regardless, I’d love to hear from you!


    Ampora Yazdani

    I am a novice writer, mother of three, who finally put word to paper and gave writer my first draft. I would love to go on this adventure with you as I have much to learn and I am a fan of the Harry Potter stories.

    Below I have pasted my formal pitch, which I’m sure needs noodling. Please let me know if you are interested?

    Sedated and kidnapped, Dr. Asante Argueta wakes up in a mental health facility in the care of psychiatrist Emily Farraday.

    Dr. Farraday informs Asante that she is a prisoner and the mysteries surrounding the unfortunate circumstances of Asante’s orphaned childhood begin to unravel, as the truth of The Order, the unknown hand that’s been manipulating her existence emerges. The people responsible for the veiled reality called the grid that society experiences as normal life. The people who murdered her mother, tore apart her family, and are now in control of her freedom.

    Just when Asante begins to contemplate the gravity of her circumstances, she is rescued by Obadias, a messenger sent by her estranged sister Aissa. Asante then learns of the now, and begins to consciously access the power that flows through it.

    Once she is reunited with Aissa, she joins her in The Wave, a secret ancient faction that has kept the knowledge of real human ability since the dawn of civilization. Asante finds that The Order will stop at nothing in their pursuit of keeping humankind distracted from the true power they wield.

    When Dr. Farraday and The Order make Asante and The Wave appear to be a dangerous cult threatening the safety of American citizens and the global community at large, Asante must utilize the now to unleash the greatest weapon the world has ever known. She and The Wave are the last hope against the tyranny that has enslaved the collective consciousness.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!





    I’ve just sent you a private message — let me know if you don’t get it! 🙂

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