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    my name is Mel, and I am in DESPERATE need of some hardcore constructive criticisms for the first few chapters of a novel I’m writing. I’m looking for a partner who isn’t afraid to tear apart my shit, as long as I too, can tear apart their shit. A bit of tit for tat, per se.

    Here’s the premise for the book. I know it sounds wacko, but don’t knock it til ya read it:

    Fran is a young woman in her early twenties who has always lived in a cozy village of the Sand Stretches with her loving family and her grass buffalo, Tilly. She understands little of what lies in the Beyond away from the warmth and familiarity of home. This humble and blissful existence is shattered when she happens upon a dying foreign man who entrusts her with a statuette of a toad with unknown properties. His last words are a wish that she return the toad to its right owners, the Sisters, and a warning that there are unknown assailants who are on the hunt for the toad, and they will destroy anyone who gets in their way. Dazed, Fran accepts the Toad. A few nights later, however, a small army of horsemen ambush the villagers in search of the toad. Fran is knocked out and ridden to safety by Tilly, but when she awakes and returns to the ruins of her village, she learns that her family has escaped, and the only way to find them is through the magical properties of the toad.
    She and her trusty buffalo embark on a perilous journey into the Beyond to find her family and return the toad to its true owners before the unknown horsemen get to her first.

    Ok. email dis lil lady at mallen4991(at)gmail.com



    Hi Mel, you’re right that sounds wacko! But a good wacko. If you’re still interested I’d love to swap chapters with you. My work is aimed more toward children, and possibly young adults, but I’d love to have it critiqued. It’s also a little on the stranger side so no worries there.

    My email is jurnee_blackmore@yahoo.com



    If you are still looking please send me a message.



    Hello am Ashley and looking for anyone to look at what u got done so far in my book.To see if am in a good path or what should change or keep it the same. If so please let me know.

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