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    Hey everyone. I’m looking for a CP for my NA contemporary romance. I’m looking for a long term relationship (who isn’t?) and someone who will be brutally honest with me. I have a lot of experience CPing and I also have a novel being published this fall with Palomino Press. I’m good at helping big-picture ideas as well as line edits and I want someone who can help me the same way.

    I love most YA and NA.

    So here’s my drafted query. (Don’t judge, queries are the death of me.)



    Ordinary college life vanished for Juliette Locke when an accident left her mother comatose and her family irreparably damaged. (Not to mention the oodles of debt.) Her inheritance is enough to cover the medical bills, her tuition fees and bail her father’s company out. Tapping into those funds means abiding by the must be married clause. (Thanks, Grandma.) Guys and date and love don’t exist for Juliette. That’s where Sam Jenson comes in. He’s a necessity.

    Marrying perfect-on-paper-Sam means more than a piece of paper and separate lives. Thanks to her father’s social status (business owner and hopeful Senate candidate) no one can know their marriage is a sham. Fooling that many people requires living together, sharing a last name, and playing their parts.

    Pretending to love Sam is dangerous.

    Enough lies can make you forget what’s real and what isn’t. Juliette lives with a rehearsed smile, a false laugh and a made-up love story, but parts of him are real and kind and honest. Not falling for Sam is priority number one. Girls like her know the past always repeats itself and falling always leads to drowning.



    Hi! I really like your query, and congrats on your upcoming published book. Are you still looking for CPs? I’ve been critiquing for a while and although my novel isn’t quite ready to be queried-it’s complete but a little too long-I am pretty good at being brutally honest! (and likewise taking honest criticism well.)
    My description.
    A contemporary YA novel. Think along the lines of Sarah Dessen, E. Lockhart and Catherine Gilbert Murdock, sweet, funny and lighthearted.
    Laney is the introverted teenage daughter of a former famous rock guitarist, and she really just wants a chance to be normal, and blend into her new, boring Ohio school…and maybe play her guitar really loud when no one’s watching. However, between someone at her school tagging the building with song lyrics from her dad’s band, attention from the cute but annoyingly music obsessed in her class, and suspicion that her father is hiding something from the family, it doesn’t look like she’s going to get her wish.
    If you’ve ever hid your ipod from your friends for fear they’d see your music tastes, wished you could rock a leather jacket, or even considered speaking with a Scottish accent for a day just to mix things up, well, this story might be for you.

    There’s swearing and drug references (teen characters do not use drugs, but they are discussed) , but nothing more than PG 13.




    I just found this site last night so I don’t know if either or both of you are still looking to add a CP. I’d love to connect with other writers of New Adult and the upper YA range.

    I have a romantic time travel/mystery coming this September from Month9Books and am currently working on book 2 of a contemporary, romantic NA series.

    Book 1 (Reluctant Princess) is currently clogging a few agent inboxes. Here’s a blurb for that:

    The daughter of career Marines, Katrina Williamson was never one to entertain romantic daydreams until she crossed paths with nerdy, gorgeous European grad student C.J. Fürst. In the weeks leading up to his graduation, Kat’s imagination takes flight and she interprets C.J.’s uncharacteristic nervousness as a sign he’s going to dump her before returning to his home in the Principality of Höhenburg.

    It’s Kat’s turn to be nervous when her shy boyfriend confesses that he is the son of Höhenburg’s sovereign. Kat’s “walk on the royal side” goes into high gear when C.J. proposes and presents her with the heirloom ring that belonged to his late mother American actress, Violet St. James.

    Kat tries to figure out the whole “future princess thing” while navigating the obstacle course of press encounters gone bad, backstabbing future in-laws, archaic Princely House Rules, and wild conspiracy theories (regarding Princess Violet’s tragic death) that might not be quite so wild after all.

    After she accidentally uncovers a shocking family secret, Kat must keep quiet when C.J.’s brother is seriously injured. When the truth comes out, shaking the royal family to the core, she struggles to help her prince cope with the chaos so they can find their way back to their personal happily ever after.

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