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    Hi all,

    I’m re-posting this in the Forum, which I didn’t know existed at first (I’m very new!) Apologies.

    I’ve just finished a YA Fantasy novel of about 75,000 words. I love YA and I’d love to be a critique partner!

    My novel is set in an Ancient Rome type society, so if you’re interested in Roman/Greek mythology or think it’s a cool topic, you might like the book. Here is a description:

    When Olivia realizes she’s left the sacred wheat in the oven, she panics. As a Vestal Virgin, she needs it for her rituals to honor Vesta’s everlasting flame, and burning it would be a disaster. Running full speed back to the temple kitchens, she slams into a young temple guard, Gaius, but she’s too crazed to hear his warning, and he’s too startled to stop her. That’s how she comes to see the secret “sacred ritual” performed in the temple each night. To discover that the flame – the unquenchable eternal flame – sits atop a bucket of ordinary lamp oil.

    Gaius tries to undo the damage, but it’s too late. Olivia won’t stop asking questions, and she learns that Vesta is a false goddess created to keep women devoted to their homes and hearths.

    With their faith in Vesta gone, Olivia and her fellow Virgins are tempted by a charismatic academy student, Cassius, into a dangerous experiment: he wants the girls to change the natural world by invoking real gods such as Ceres, Pomona, and Neptune. There’s no reason women can’t invoke the gods in theory, Cassius explains. It’s just that the penalty for doing so is death.

    Despite the danger, Olivia and her friends can’t resist their curiosity. The girls are thrilled when they meet with immediate success, and they watch with joy as flowers and fig trees grow in response to their prayers. But their games take an unexpected turn when flighty blond Lucia reveals surprisingly deadly powers.

    When an enemy nation declares war on their country of Parcae, the friends realize they hold the key to victory. Risking death, they reveal their powers in a dangerous bid to join the fight for their country. Fortunately, the leaders of Parcae are in no position to throw away their new greatest weapon, and Olivia and her friends are granted a reprieve. The public, however, is less forgiving: as the enemy draws closer, the girls become targets for outraged religious fanatics who remain ignorant of the devastation approaching their city walls.

    Let me know if you are interested! Thanks so much.



    Hello, I’m AliceLiddell and I’d like to be a critique partner with you. If you could send me the first chapter of your novel, maybe I could send you the first chapter of mine. If you want to look for the description of my novel, it’s right above yours in the fantasy group. I’m new as well and also recently found that there’s a forum section. I guess we both made the same mistakes, huh? If you’re interested, send it to cwirries1@hotmail.com, since I don’t know yet if you can find my e-mail here otherwise. Hope that you consider it!

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