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Looking for CP for YA medieval fantasy novel

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    Hi everyone! I’ve recently finished my first manuscript (about 71,000 words), and I’m looking for someone willing to review and give me in-depth chapter by chapter feedback! I will of course be willing to do the same, and I can adjust to critiquing in whatever style you’d prefer: a blunt critique or a softer approach.

    The story is set in Kosota, a fictional medieval kingdom where only nobility are “Gifted”–that is, every child with noble blood possesses a supernatural power, such as telepathy, unnatural fighting ability, or the ability to create something from nothing. The story is told through three different lenses: Aria, the frigid queen of Kosota whose unyielding attitude has won her little love in her husband’s kingdom, Khanna, the compassionate royal advisor with a damning, mysterious past, and Naya, a reckless princess-turned-refugee who trusts too easily and thinks too little.

    Synopsis (for now, will need to be reworked)
    From kingdoms mysteriously burning down to whispers of a potent, nefarious Gift–Queen Aria Kordalis knows that Kosota is in the midst of dire, dark days. The Xionights, the infamous religious military order full of zealots, have begun to act against the Unbeliever states, of which Kosota is one. Furthermore, Chiway, a mysterious country whose ruler has never shown herself, is rumored to have a Necromantic Queen who can manipulate minds–yet, all the Necromancers were thought to have been executed nearly two decades ago.

    Not only must Queen Aria deal with the looming crisis, but contend with a city that would rather see her dead, a stubborn King whose bravery and intelligence is often overshadowed by his arrogance and unfeeling attitude, the volatile Gifted refugee-princess who will prove either to be their godsend or downfall, the empathetic chief advisor whose secret past both unnerves and intrigues Aria, and Aria’s prophetic visions that promise both death and betrayal.




    Your manuscript sounds exciting (what with all the court intrigue mentioned in the synopsis) & I think I’d be interested in exchanging a few chapters to see if we could work out as CPs. My own manuscript is also at 71K and is a YA high fantasy. If you’re interested, feel free to email me 🙂


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