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Looking for CP group or partner for Fantasy, Supernatural, or other genres.

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    Hello writers,
    I am a mother of three grown children, who have not flown the coop yet and raising our six year old grand-daughter,. I’m mama to two crazy dogs, and two dwarf hamsters. My elderly and fragile parents moved in with us two years ago and we have care givers round the clock and other health aids coming and going. Finding time to write has been a difficult challenge but one that I have managed to carve out some time to sit my butt in the chair. I have a 400k first draft of a out of the norm romance that I have put aside to write a fantasy/supernatural novel.
    I would love to find someone, or several others that understand the demands of life and the joys of losing ourselves on the page. I would like to swap pages, build friendships with like minded writers, in any genre, talk about the weather, music, what we are reading, and life.
    Not to sound corny, but would you be my neighbor? Ha-ha, no really, would anyone like to partner with me in this adventure of pouring out our souls in words?

    Happy writing to all!!



    Hi Lorrie!

    I’m very interested in this! I don’t have any children yet but am hoping for some within the next two years. Getting married this year (so exciting!) and I have a 16 year old cat who’s basically my baby. The reason I’m looking for a critique partner friend is I used to have that when I was in high school and writing fanfiction. I had a few writer friends that I exchanged emails with, swapped ideas, supported each other with every new story posted and I miss that. I miss the connection, the friendship. Nowadays it seems so straight to the point of “I’m looking for a critique partner for my story and nothing else; I’ll read yours if you read mine.”

    All this to say, I would love to check out some of your writing, get to know you on a personal level, swap ideas, inspirational music, etc. I read/write YA, fantasy, science fiction. At the moment, I’m writing a science fiction adult novel but I write in bursts. Like 4-5 chapters one week, nothing for 3 months, then 4-5 more chapters. If that sounds good to you, let me know and we can exchange email addresses!



    Hey guys,
    Count me in. I’m mom to five, count ‘am five grown children and 13 grandchildren but please don’t picture me with blue hair! I love yoga, am a great master of karate, and a psychotherapist with my own practice. Not bragging just defending women of a certain age :).
    I’m currently raising a dog and cat and trying to get my YA fantasy published so I’d love to get to know you and swap pages, gossip, recipes, children (just kidding) etc.
    I’m Jan btw.



    Oh wow , I am super excited to have your replies. It would be great to get in touch with other mother’s and future mommy’s, even dad’s! Hey, it takes a village right?!
    Jan, I also do yoga, love to go on long walks and hiking. When I can drag my husband with me, that is. Otherwise I go for walks solo. My puppy is still too young for long journeys, and my other furry butt is 15 years old and I would end up carrying him. Come to think about it, maybe the extra weight would be good. 13 grandchildren!! That is super and you must be ecstatic to have little ones to love on.
    Alessandr, the future is full of beautiful gifts! I admit that I have been anxious to the point of my hands sweating to think of someone reading my work, but I have taken the plunge and look forward to having writer friends to accompany me on this incredible and challenging writing life.
    I look forward to connecting with you both!
    Thank you for responding!
    My email is:

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