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    Hi everyone.

    My name is Justine, and I am currently looking for critique partners within the genre of YA. As a writer, I mostly write YA contemporary, or contemporary thriller, but as a reader I have interest in all genres of Young Adult.

    Currently, I have two projects I would love to have a CP look at. Both are YA Contemporary Thrillers.

    The first, EYES SKYWARD, is at a later stage. I have queried some agents and received a few full/partial requests, but have yet to find a home. The second, WHERE YOU FOUND ME, is a rough draft that I completed just last week. The word counts are about 66,000 and 54,000 respectively.

    EYES SKYWARD is the story of Schuyler Williams, a teenage girl with an obsession for serial killers. She loves learning about them, reading the cases, and studying these criminal minds. Unfortunately, this obsession also has her visualizing the gruesome deaths of others, which results in her mother sending her to therapy and her only friend being her little sister, Brooke. But then Brooke goes missing. With the help of Ren Windsor, a geeky ex-marine who thinks Schuyler’s obsession is interesting, she investigates her sister’s disappearance. Each new clue makes the case look more and more like something Schuyler would have investigated in the past, and she has to save her sister – using desperate hope, love, and the knowledge she holds of the psychopathic – before it is too late.

    WHERE YOU FIND ME follows the story of Nobody, a broken girl in an inpatient psychiatric hospital who doesn’t want anything to do with her identity. In the present, she wants to escape her past, which is haunted by a boy with raven hair. Her face is scarred, her heart is broken and she refuses to share her real identity. Until she meets the boy – who gets her to open up. She is immediately thrust back into the past, where she was a pretty girl named Estelle Graham who fell in love with a handsome boy named John Griffin and everything was simple. Until people in town start getting placed on a hit list, and Estelle is the connection between them. But as Nobody is forced to relive the past, she realizes that there might just be hope for the future.

    Although I don’t have a ton of experience at seventeen years old, I am fully immersed in the YA genre and have a bit of informal experience with providing feedback. I am open to investing as much time as needed in the work of another writer or two, and finding a working relationship that has room to grow for future projects.



    Hi Justine,

    I am looking for a critique partner and a YA writer would be great! I am interested in reading and critiquing anything in YA, and both your projects sound interesting. I am an active member of the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror where I have occasionally reviewed chapters, prologues etc. Though my experience in critiquing is still limited, I can read your manuscript with a fresh eye and give you feedback from the general feel of the story to picking at things that don’t work or need more clarification.

    As for my own project…

    The Girl in The Morning Star, which is completed at 68,000 words, is a YA high fantasy novel.
    Valina Vallomir is released from Sky Prisons on one condition: join the Forbidden Tournament. Not only is she forced to partner up with her arresting officer, Erikin Glaucon, but she also has to ensure that he wins the tournament at any cost.
    Winners of the deadly tournament are absolved of all crimes, past and future. This is Erikin Glaucon’s best chance of infiltrating the festering and crime-ridden underworld of the city of Carhae Pallis and Valina’s only chance of getting out of her ten-year sentence that will be doubled if she fails.
    But when bodies start piling up of gruesomely murdered competitors, the evidence points towards Valina. Killing the competition warrants immediate execution and Valina not only has to survive the tournament but find the murderer and prove her innocence.
    The rules of the tournament are simple: criminality does not excuse rule breaking within the villainous world. In a tournament where everyone competes to be the greatest criminal of their generation, everyone could be the killer.

    If my project sounds like something you wouldn’t mind reading, then we could start out on a trial basis and see if things work out from there.




    Hi Justine,

    Your projects sound really interesting! If you’re still looking for a CP or beta readers let me know. I’ve just finished a YA Contemporary Suspense/Thriller and I’d be happy to do a chapter swap with you to see if we’d be a good fit and if you’d be interested in working together.




    Hi Justine,

    My name is Sherry and I am interested in exchanging. I read and write in various YA genres, so I think we’d be a good match. I’m not much of a beta reader, but I can offer you a detailed developmental edit, if that’s what your MS needs at this stage.

    Since we all have different critique styles, I suggest we start off by exchanging three to five sample pages to see if we are compatible and go from there.

    Email me: sherrysouleATatt.net

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