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Looking for CP/Beta Reader for 86k Fantasy

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    Hey everyone,

    I’m looking for a CP for my fantasy novel, The Cloven King. I’m not looking for line by line feedback just yet. It needs a second set of eyes that can spot characterization or plot issues. I’m more than happy to swap books. Below is the query. Let me know if you’re interested and we can hammer out some details.

    As a child, Verth was found naked and alone in the woods. Seventeen years later, Verth doesn’t often question who his real parents were or where he came from. Why would he? He lives the untroubled life with his adoptive parents in a small fishing village, but when raiders storm his new home and haul away his mother, Verth embarks on a journey where he must confront his distant past and defy a legendary king that they say cannot die.
    The Cloven King’s dark hand stretches far across the country, threatening cities, corrupting the minds of power starved warlords. Just as Verth discovers a prophecy confirming that he alone can topple the King, a band of slave trading pirates kidnap him, and he falls into the hands of an ageless witch with a remarkable secret—she brought the Cloven King into this world, and she can unlock his weakness. Now, along with the help of a half-crazed soldier, Verth seeks out the person known as the Heart of the Spire, their only hope of destroying the King, rescuing his mother, and holding back the floodgates of war.


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