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Looking for cps for YA contemp

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    Hi! I’ve found a few wonderful CPs on this site, but I’m now looking for a new set based on the edits I did to my story.
    I’m looking for cps who can be honest-maybe not bruuuutally so-but tough. I’d like to cut about 12k words from my story as it currently stands at 75k. So I’m hoping to find people who can say, ‘hey these three sentences all say the same thing” or “this scene doesn’t tell us anything new.”
    I can be brutally honest in return or I can be a cheerleader type if you’re just looking for encouragement. My story blurb is below.

    A contemporary, lighthearted YA novel. Think along the lines of Sarah Dessen, E. Lockhart
    Laney is the introverted teenage daughter of a former famous rock guitarist, and she really just wants a chance to be normal, and blend into her new, boring Ohio school…and maybe play her guitar really loud when no one’s watching. However, between someone at her school tagging the building with song lyrics from her dad’s band, attention from the cute but annoyingly music obsessed in her class, and suspicion that her father is hiding something from the family, it doesn’t look like she’s going to get her wish.
    If you’ve ever hid your ipod from your friends for fear they’d see your music tastes, or, wished you could rock a leather jacket, or even considered speaking with a Scottish accent for a day just to mix things up, well, this story might be for you.
    It’s contemporary YA but I’ll CP for a variety of genres, fantasy, romance, whatever!
    There’s swearing and drug references, but nothing more than PG 13.
    Please post here or PM me if interested!



    I’m trying to work on some YA and MG contemporary (and light fantasy) a bit myself. I have some chapters here and there for a few projects (I’m terrible at getting things done) so if you don’t mind taking a look at some of my rough drafts, I’d be glad to look at your manuscript.
    I use to be a high school and college English teacher, so I’m one of those who takes my time reading through and looking for anything that may stand out to a potential agent.
    Let me know! Thanks!
    ~ Suzanne


    Hi. I’m new to this site so I’m not sure how it works yet. But I’m also looking for a CP. I have a finished contemp YA MS and would be willing to swap a few chapters.



    That’s great! Nice to meet you. I’ve sent you a private message. 🙂

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