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    Hi there. I’m currently working on an urban fantasy novel with a splash of romance. I’m looking for a CP who is prepared to dig deep and give honest critiques. In return, I will do the same. I’ve finished my first draft (more like a detailed outline), and am editing/re-writing now. I’m looking to exchange about two chapters a week.

    I’m more into urban fantasy/paranormal than SF or epic fantasy, and although my own writing doesn’t involve vamps or werewolves, I for one do enjoy a little bit of fang in my reading.

    Give me a shout if you’re interested. Thanks.


    My book in one sentence: United by prophecy, two women, Nieve, a magical weapons expert, and Lea, proficient in the singular art of sarcasm, must defeat a foe hell-bent on destroying the Divide, the spell that separates the magic realm from the mundane world.



    Dear Carmen,
    I am new to this forum and I saw your message. My novel is a fantasy-close to urban fantasy but not quite- and I am in the editing stage too. I can definitely exchange 2 chapters a week, or even more.

    Would you like to try exchanging a piece and see if it can work out?
    If you have any questions for me let me know.





    I’m looking for Cps, if you’re still open to making contact. I have an urban fantasy WIP in the early stages of the first re-write, and desperately need some honest to goodness critiquing to get me through it!

    Contact me at my blog or email:

    shah wharton at gmail dot com (we are allowed to leave our email ad here, I hope?)

    Shah X



    Dear ladies above,

    I would like to join in the critiquing. My WIP is Urban Fantasy and I’m currently editing and rewriting. I would love to start of small critiquing group and get some feedback. The feedback on critiques I have gotten so far have been invaluable. And since I’m trying to finalize and polish my WIP I need more feedback from other sources to catch the things my current CP and myself are missing. Would anyone be interested in starting a CP group?
    My email is andrea.roylance 79 at gmail dot com… but you know put it all together.



    I have a series of shorts and novellas that tell a story, but there are definitely not a novel. Still, all together they are novel length. They aren’t a comedy, though I like to think they are funny, and they aren’t a romance, though relationships are very important.
    Think Buffy or Supernatural.
    Anyway, I’m a super fast reader and I don’t mind helping out with character and plot arcs.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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