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    Hey guys,
    I’m looking for the perfect match – somebody to share stories with, to go on adventures in our minds and to help each other out in the dangerous world of writing and dreaming.

    At the moment I’m working on my fantasy novel “The Starguard Chronicles: War”, which is a complete manuscript but still needs a lot of input and editing.
    It takes place in a world where humans and gods live side by side, guarded by an ancient pact, which ensures peace between the two different people. It’s the story of Lif, a human girl, who is forced to team up with the dark wargod Ares, after the sacred pact is broken and Lif’s lost memories might be the only key to stopping an evil plot.

    Personally, I have been writing my whole life, but I am also at university, getting my masters degree in architecture – so there might be days where I won’t have time to write or reply at once. However, I am a workaholic, overachiever and booklover, meaning I will always find time to make up for lost words. (Also, I am totally up for fangirling over our favourite books/characters/authors.)
    If you are interested in my story or/and think that we might be a good match as CPs – hit me up. I can’t wait to hear about your stories!


    P.S. Honesty is really important in such a process but also expressing yourself in a respectful manner, meaning I’m not up for mere story-bashing but looking for mutual constructive criticism.



    Hello! Your book sounds so interesting and exciting! I would be honored to critique it for you, and receive constructive feedback on my own work in progress.

    I am currently working on a fantasy novel called ‘At the Mercy of Monsters,’ the first of a series of three (which I think is slowly morphing into four). It takes place in an entirely new world of my creation, heavily based off of western Europe, with two races: Nhieohym (based off of sirens of mythology) and of course humans. The world is littered with clans of Nhieohym who live in seclusion and secrecy – some see humans as pests to be rid of, and others vow their lives to their protection. My MC is Omarosa Rashiid, a Nhieohym living in the most hostile siren territory known to man. Her life lacks any purpose other than to rid the earth of all men, and has been taught this religiously for over a hundred years.

    Certain events unfold and turn her entire world upside down, making way for much turmoil.
    I like to say I focus on realism within my fantasy world… there aren’t many fantasy elements other than my siren race and their abilities that are revealed as the story goes on. Some supernatural happenings as well, but that happens later. This also means that it is rather dark… violence, murder, abuse, torture, swearing (but not the annoying amount)… this book isn’t sugar-coated. But it is juicy. Juicier after the first book, but still rather juicy.

    I am currently nearing the end of my first draft, and I couldn’t be more excited – or terrified. As a young author with no experience in publishing or marketing, I feel like I need a few CPs who know a bit more than I do, and are willing to absolutely tear my work apart. I don’t care if I cry. Make me cry.
    I do have a CP at the moment whose advice has been very helpful so far, but unfortunately her schedule makes it hard for her to critique my work. However much I value her input and look forward to more, I do need some more perspective.
    I also LOVE to critique! I will go ham. If I go too ham, you should let me know because I won’t know. I get really excited.

    Part of the reason I love to go ham is because I have a very flexible schedule. I do have a job, but it leaves my afternoon almost entirely free. I have time to kill.

    I hope to hear back from you. 🙂


    (side-note: ‘going ham’ doesn’t mean story-bashing; rather, it means that I’m detail-oriented and love giving feedback, so you’d definitely get a lot of both praises and respectful criticism)

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