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Looking for long-term CP for a YA contemporary fantasy

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    I’m currently seeking a critique partner for my first completed novel, Book of Faces. I finished my third draft a short while back, and I’ve hit a bit of a wall. I’d really like another set of eyes (or a few!) to dig into the world with me and provide a fresh perspective! Book of Faces is the first in a series of four, so a long-term CP would be great! I’d love to make some new friends with whom I can email back and forth about anything from deep questions about our characters to superficial writing rants.

    I have far more experience critiquing short stories (for creative writing classes, mostly) than I do critiquing novels, but I’m eager to learn. I’d love to swap chapters with anyone who’s interested! My series is a YA contemporary fantasy, written in first person, currently at 104K words. The blurb is below:

    Sixteen-year-old Eliza would give anything to have a family as caring as that of Taylor Collins, the missing girl whose posters are still scattered across the city. But when Taylor’s family accuses Eliza of being their rebellious runaway, she’s certain she’s not the girl they’ve described. But could she be? Eliza suddenly finds it eerily impossible to contact anyone from her old life . . . and no one seems to be missing her.

    The only possible link to the past that she can find is the Book of Faces, a handwritten book on the missing girl’s bookshelf that seems to describe, in elaborate detail, precisely the person Eliza always believed herself to be. And to top it all off, it was written by Taylor. But what does the book have to do with Eliza herself? And why does it cause her pain when it’s thrown against the wall?

    With Taylor’s sister as an ally, Eliza embarks on a journey to find Taylor, as well as the answers to all of the questions she has about her existence. But she’s about to learn that the Book of Faces is a fairly prized commodity. And by extension, so is she.

    Let me know if you’re interested!




    Hi! Are you still looking for a cp? I’ve been critiquing for a while and although my novel isn’t quite ready to be queried-it’s complete but a little too long-so I’m hoping to get some fresh eyes on it. It is contemp. YA but I read a lot of YA fantasy as well.
    My description.
    A contemporary YA novel. Think along the lines of Sarah Dessen, E. Lockhart and Catherine Gilbert Murdock, sweet, funny and lighthearted.
    Laney is the introverted teenage daughter of a former famous rock guitarist, and she really just wants a chance to be normal, and blend into her new, boring Ohio school…and maybe play her guitar really loud when no one’s watching. However, between someone at her school tagging the building with song lyrics from her dad’s band, attention from the cute but annoyingly music obsessed in her class, and suspicion that her father is hiding something from the family, it doesn’t look like she’s going to get her wish.
    If you’ve ever hid your ipod from your friends for fear they’d see your music tastes, wished you could rock a leather jacket, or even considered speaking with a Scottish accent for a day just to mix things up, well, this story might be for you.

    There’s swearing and drug references (teen characters do not use drugs, but they are discussed) , but nothing more than PG 13.

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