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    I’m searching for a long-term CP who wants to exchange writing, critiques, and e-mails and just generally form a writing friendship that goes beyond just exchanging a couple of chapters or one manuscript. I’m looking for someone with some experience CPing and can help with all the aspects of writing. Also, someone who writes in genres close to mine would be great.

    Currently I have two YA fantasy books in progress. One is pretty much done (at least I think it is). I’d love to get someone to read through it and make sure I haven’t missed anything major before I start submitting it for publication. Also, help with a query letter for that one would be great.

    The other book is going into its third draft and much rougher than the first. I’m still figuring things out with it, so I’d love to get a second opinion on it. Basically, I’d just love to discuss the WIP with someone and bounce ideas off of them.

    I have had some experience with CPs but none of the relationships ever lasted. That’s what I’m trying to avoid with this go around. I’d love to get into a regular exchange of e-mails so we can keep the relationship going beyond just the initial exchange of chapters.

    As for writing experience, beyond my fiction work, I’ve also worked as an editor on a small literary journal and I wrote resumes for a couple of years. I’m now helping develop website content for my current position. I’m pretty good with grammar and punctuation, although I’m not perfect. I can also usually help with pacing, character, and other big things, though I’m a little less experienced with that.

    I’ll read almost anything, as long as it isn’t really graphic. I do however, prefer YA fantasy and sci-fi, as well as some YA contemporary. I’m really fond of things that have some sarcasm mixed in, and if you read my stuff, you’ll find it’s something I employ quite often.

    Okay, I think that cover pretty much everything. Let me know if you’re interested in getting to know me better.




    Hi Kathy,
    My name’s Ella, and I’d be happy to help you! I’m currently revising the draft of my urban fantasy novel, and I’m also a keen YA reader. I have some critiquing experience, and I like to think I’ve been useful to other CPs in the past!
    Anyway, it sounds like we have pretty similar interests (I am also an ex-editor/grammar nerd), so if you’d like to exchange first chapters and see if we’d suit each other, that would be fantastic 🙂 I’m basically looking for overarching plot-style critiquing at the moment, but I’d be happy to help you however you need.
    Ella (aka Elena)



    I’m also looking for a long term CP who is interested in more than just trading chapters. I like talking craft and brainstorming characters, plot, and so forth. I’m usually found on gmail chat most days.
    I write love stories with fantasy/political elements, heavy on the fantasy/adventure/politics and a slow burn for the romance. I’ll read almost anything except horror and suspense.

    I have blurbs up on my profile if you want to check out if you think we’d be a good fit.




    Looks like we’re looking for similar things in CPs. We might be a good fit. I’m in the middle of writing an NA urban fantasy (first person) and a YA high fantasy (third person, four POVs).

    I’m a huge fantasy nerd and I love reading YA. I have lots of critique experience and I’m great at bouncing ideas and helping with world building, etc.

    I am a fantasy and YA author and I have one book published (adult fantasy) and now I’m looking to focus more on YA stuff.

    There’s a tiny blurb of my UF on my profile, but I’m happy to send more stuff via email to see if we’d be a good fit.



    I’m also looking for a long term CP (and group) with regular exchanges. I need the discipline of a regimented format — I like goals. I’ve drafted one YA novel with a second in the works. I’m a handful of classes away from my MFA with a fair amount of critique experience. My strengths are plotting, weaknesses seemed to be world building. I’m receptive to listening to different perspectives and enjoy occasionally getting into the weeds of a story. I’m happy to provide more information in detail if you feel we might be a good fit. Happy writing.



    Hi Kathy!
    I’m so glad I saw this post because it really looks like we’re looking for the same thing when it comes to a CP.
    I’m not as experienced as you are when it comes to writing and editing and even critiquing, but I’m an avid reader (like, I can read a book in six hours and then be on to the next one) and I had a CP for a long time, but we were both really inexperienced then so I don’t think it did either of us any good.
    But your writing sounds like something I’d actually be interesting in reading, and I could definitely use some help with my story.
    I’d really love to hear from you.
    – Lauren

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