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Looking for Writing Buddy!

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    I am working on a fantasy story set in an another world inhabited with men and all other magical creature.
    I am still working on it, that’s why I said ‘Writing Buddy’ who is also working on his draft and we can help each other in tough times.
    Below is the short summary of what the story is about:
    “Living in a house on the bank of the Sanctus Lake, Ash meets a girl in the middle of the Umbrane forest, a place you would never like to go alone. Aurora, a mysterious girl she is with many secrets hidden in the deep layers of her heart.
    The place that curses the king for his inhumanity, torture, and exploitation of his own land, finds that the king had burnt down the fields along with farmers.
    Only if they knew that the King’s royal servant is behind this who had bewitched the King with his evil curse, and had turned him into a puppet of his dirty hands. The only way to cure that curse is the sacred sword, found in the heart of the Frozen Mountains. The king’s daughter steal the map to cure his father, but the royal servant will do anything to stop her, let it be her death.
    This is the story how four friends and a mysterious girl find themselves walking through the darkest chasm to help the princess to get her father back.”

    If you liked it, please drop a message or directly mail me at mynameisharshj@gmail.com
    Thank you very much! 🙂

    Happy Writing!

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