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    Hey all, I’m new around here and am looking for someone to talk to as I work on my novel. I was three chapters in before deciding to revise it, and now I’m about one chapter into the revision.

    I’m looking for someone also near the beginning of their novel who I can ask to critique my work as I finish as well as critique theirs as they work. I would like to have someone to discuss characters, plot lines, and ideas with about both of our works.

    My novel is about superheroes, mainly one girl and the adventures she goes on as she attempts to understand her role in society and protect earth.

    Feel free to reply here or PM me! You can also email me at katd443@gmail.com.

    Thank you!




    Are you still looking for someone to talk with while you work? I’m in the same stage, just getting truly started writing and I’d be happy to bounce ideas back and forth and discuss character, plot, etc. with you.

    I’ve got two major projects going right now which I posted a little bit about on my profile, but I’ll go ahead and re-post here.

    One is an adult fantasy with four main characters that are forced to work together and slowly become friends. It’s not so much a saving-the-world type story as it is about them living in a chaotic world. There will be romantic sub-plots, but they’re not a major part of the story.

    The other is also adult fantasy, but it’s about a young woman who has recently finished healer training and is now trying to make an old manor house into a clinic. She’s still sort of figuring out who she is while she does this. This one’s romance is more prevalent because it’s told from first person POV of the young lady in question.

    Let me know which you’d be interested in, they’re both only 2-3 chapters in so far!




    Do you still need someone to be your writing buddy/partner? Because if you do, I would love to help you with your story! I wrote a story, and I need someone to share it with.

    If you’re interested, email me at camillap@mmpeterson.com. I would love to hear from you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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