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Looking for writing partner

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    Hi! I’m in the very early stages of writing (3 chapters and counting) and looking for a writing partner. I’m hoping for an arrangement where we can bounce ideas off one another, critique each other’s works, and keep the other accountable. I might work on another (minor) novel at the same time but will keep my most of my focus on the main one. I always have trouble not getting distracted or hook on a new idea so I think I would work better with a writing buddy.

    My main project is a contemporary romance involving the mob. The second one will be about rock stars. There will be a bit of steam but nothing one would considered erotica.

    I’m looking for someone who preferably about the same stage as I am in their own novel(s). I will read almost anything (except horror, I’m a scaredy cat) so if this interests you please let me know. Thank you!



    Hi! I just joined an I just recently began my first novel, so happy to find this website, so I do not have to ask friends to look at my stuff. I am sure some are being biased. Would love to connect with you. I am looking for someone to critique what I have done also.
    I have one novel started, 3rd chapter. I would put it in NA with a bit of action.
    Looking for honest critique, encouragement to keep me on task, and someone to bounce ideas off.



    Hi Lanie!
    Your project sounds interesting. I’d like to critique some of your work and in exchange I’d want your honest opinion about mine (mostly short stories). 🙂 We could also work on something together once we both are sure that our individual writing styles and wavelengths match.



    Hey Lanien
    I would like to be writing panter I just got done with my fist book it’s an romance tint-travel you can e-mail me at boweslelsie@bellsouth.net



    Hi! I am also looking for a writing buddy/critique partner. I am 40,000 words into my current novel that covers lost love, the ramifications of adoption and a marriage that has run its course. If any of that sounds interesting and anyone wants to partner up, I would love to hear from you! My email is kelseycapps@yahoo.com

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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