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    I’m brand new to the site (and a little discouraged as it seems there has been very little recent activity here), and am looking for a critique partner. Here’s the details…

    I’m a writer of mainly contemporary romance (although I do have a romantic/fantasy novel “in the can” as well), who is looking for someone who likes to give in-depth critiques and really wants to make their work stronger while helping someone else do the same thing. I’m a graduate student and it’s summer break, and my goal is to get my two contemporary novels revised and into a state that is ready to submit for publishing consideration. My field is Linguistics, so I have an intimate knowledge of English grammar and am pretty awesome at catching typos. I’m also reliable, and keep my commitments.

    You are also a writer in the romance genre (and I am open to reading all sub-genres/levels of “hardcore”/gay/etc.) who wants help with polishing her stories. You might be more at the idea stage, or not yet finished with anything, and that’s cool, but you should commit to critiquing my completed stuff with an eye for detail. I want in-depth critiques, not just in the errors/grammar department, but also considering character development, story arc, genre-specific issues, pacing, etc.

    I’d like to exchange critiques on a weekly basis. I’m open to discussion about lengths of writing (I’d like to do more than 1 chapter a week), and to get more specific on what “in-depth” means. I’m serious and critiquing, and if you are too, let me know. (Don’t worry, it’ll also be FUN!)



    Hi Dusty,
    Did you find anyone yet? I’d be interested.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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