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Make my idea's into your story!

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    So I’m not new to the writing world but i have found out that i’m not great at the writing part itself. Mainly what i feel that I am good at it coming up with idea’s and planning them out. What i am looking for is a person that can take my idea’s and plans and make them into a book, screen play or what ever suits their writing style. I have all these idea’s but i can’t do them justice because i know that my writing is not what it needs to be. I have been writing since i was a young but everything i write never comes out to what I want it to be. I am hoping to find a write or two to take my idea’s and make them into something great. If you feel like your the type of writer that can write but seems to have a hard time coming up with idea’s maybe i can help you. I am over flowing with idea’s and just want to see them come to life. Though I am kind of picky these stories i have to share are my babies and i want someone that is willing to do justice by them. If you tell me what you like to write about and how you like to write i am sure i can come up with something wonderful that you can write about. I will do all the research, planning and detail work. Of course we’ll need to talk to come up with the perfect story for you to write. Though with us working as a team i think we can make a wonderful world where readers can get lost in your beautiful words and my idea’s. I know this is not how most writers work and I’m not trying offend anyone but i really just want to make my characters stories come to life. I have read many books and i love the way a writer, writes i love reading and i always have idea’s flowing though i know my strengths and my weaknesses. My strength is coming up with idea’s and my weakness is turning those idea’s into something worth reading. I can’t write detailed work. I know that i can’t write a story. So lets give this a shot, give my idea’s a chance to shine. They desire the chance to be written about in a way that i ca never write! So if you think you want something like this email me at sinnamonspence@gamil.com. Oh, and yes i will test you a little. In your email tell what your writing style, the genre you most love to write and the type (screen play, book, series, ect…) and i shall come up with a sort of test on the spot to see if you and I are what the other is looking for. I will come up with something that you’ll want to write about, we’ll chat and then i’ll come up with idea’s. Once it’s set in stone i’ll send it to you and then once you approve of the idea and think it’s something you can write about then I will ask you to write a ruff draft of three to five chapters. If by the end of all of this we both agree this might work out we can talk about writing something real together. So please give me a chance. I will give everyone that emails me a chance as well. agina my email is sinnamonspence@gmail.com.
    Thank you,

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