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    Anyone pubbed and marketing their own books? What works for you? I attend several writers conferences but selling books at them just isn’t working.


    Barbara G.Tarn

    I’m going for the numbers… I keep putting stuff out, hoping eventually readers will find me! 😉
    I advertise on my blog, on my FB profile and sometimes I contact other sites such as Indie Book List, but this hasn’t brought in sales yet. I’m trying to find reviews on Goodreads, as apparently it’s (genuine) reviews and word of mouth that really works…
    What I know it’s – you’re in for the long haul. Don’t give up after 6 months because you don’t sell as much as you thought. Most indie writers never saw a penny until at least one year before sales started taking off – and I’m talking average indie writers, not Amanda Hocking, of course! 🙂


    Jean Lauzier

    Here’s a link to a blog all about selling your book.

    From here website (promo for her newsletter) – You will get useful tips and techniques for writing, publishing and selling books, plus member-only exclusives such as free webinars and teleseminars.

    When you sign up you get instant access to a new audio program on how to Build an Effective Author Platform!

    I haven’t read/applied anything yet since I don’t have a book but she’s got some good ideas. I also follow her on facebook (Cathy Stucker)



    Hi Shygirl,
    Please see my personal blog: It’s a new blog but I write as candidly as possible about my book marketing experiences. Other book marketing books I recommend are:

    Steve Weber: Plug Your Book! Online Book Marketing for Authors

    Patricia L. Fry: Over 75 Good Ideas for Promoting Your Book

    Aaron Shepard: Aiming at Amazon

    Hope that helps!


    Kenra Daniels

    From my own observations, one of the things that absolutely does NOT work, is flooding social media with updates saying “Buy My Book!” I’ve seen people posting the same or similar updates over and over, every hour, or even half hour. Nothing is more annoying. Best to post real updates and genuine comments to others in order to gain attention. Then an occasional “buy my book” link isn’t awful, and doesn’t seem like the stereotypical used car salesman’s hard sell.



    I’m trying to improve my marketing skills. I have a product page on FB, a twitter, and I have signed up for a few “review swap” sites all without success. I’ve sold a good number of copies, but I’m always looking for new marketing ideas.



    It’s tough. Think Sleeping Beauty: People who don’t like peddlers keep fertilizing the thorny vines. (I hope it’s not 100 year wait for them to come down.) I suspect these are the same people who will peddle your book for you if you become a respected or popular writer.

    I know what not to do, but not a lot of what to do. Don’t blog on and on about your books; don’t post to Amazon boards as a promoter/writer; don’t argue with reviews.

    I’m thankful for a site like this where we can pool ideas.



    Kenra Daniels

    Here is a site with ideas and advice. They also do a newsletter, and facebook. The person who operates it is selling her own books on book marketing, but the info she shares for free is beyond anything I’ve seen on other sites. I believe if an author used as many of her ideas as possible in a consistent, focused effort, the results would be significant sales.

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