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    Hello, I’m looking for another beta/CP. I have one already and she’s awesome, but I’d like to have 2.

    I write NA/contemporary romance/chick-lit. They will be steamy, but main characters haven’t gotten that far yet in my current WIP. I am writing a multi-book series, so looking for someone long-term.

    I am very happy to exchange with you. BUT, my requirements are:
    1. That you have already self-edited your work. Typos here and there are no big deal, and I fix those when I beta. But I’d like someone who either writes clean to start with or someone who has given me their second draft.
    2. Absolutely not interested in paranormal romance, vampires, fairies, fantasy – I cannot read it. I’m sorry. Most other romance should be fine.
    3. Looking for someone who is on the ball. I recently quit my day job to write. I do have children, so I’m not perfect, but I do have the time to get your work back to you in a day or two (depending on how much we exchange – if we exchange bigger blocks, I understand needing several days). So in order to keep the process moving, I’d like someone who could read a chapter in a day. I promise to do the same for you.
    4. Must be ok with reading cuss words and sex scenes.

    So….if you’re interested, I promise to be a good partner 🙂 send me a message!



    I’m interested! I, too am a mom and work full time but focus on my craft daily (aside from just writing). I write African-American romance (not Street/Urban Lit), have cuss words and steamier sex scenes in mine as well. I’m working on my first WIP and about 80% done and expect to be done by 4th of July. I write about 1200 words a day and hope to be full time was well




    I think we’re soulmates – I also write NA contempt romance chick-lit! I have a novel (80,000) that’s super polished but needs work in the pace/ amping up love story areas. Had lots of interest from agents last year (all ended up declining) and now have revised and am ready for feedback. Would love to swap. My email address is bella@drbella.com.au and website http://www.drbella.com.au

    Bella x



    I’m looking for the same as well. My novel is finished, 95k words, and I am just looking for beta readers to help with any plot holes/character issues, etc. The editing has already been completed by me and I have just signed on with an actual editor so I can hopefully publish by the end of the year. My work is an erotic romance, a retelling of Beauty and the Best. (It is all realistic, no magic, etc.). Let me know if you are interested!




    I’ve been hesitant in responding because I wasn’t pleased with where my current WIP was going. I’ve decided to scrap that and start from scratch. I’d love to work with you. What’s your output like?
    What’s your turnaround like?
    How do you share feedback?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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