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    Question for you. Trying to work something out in my mind but maybe you can help.

    A and B are married. C and D are engaged.
    B and C are falling in love despite the fight not to.

    What would cause C to have something more to lose:
    1) Being dumped by D – because D found out about C’s feelings for B.
    2) Ending it with D first because C will never be truly happy with D when her heart belongs to B, even though C knows A & B are married and the possibility of them ever getting together is remote.

    Which scenario is more real and would cause more intensity.

    Thanks for your inputs. I can see myself going either way, but wondered what is more realistic. 🙂



    I think that #2 would be more intense. Initiating the conflict yourself is always a bit harder, I think.

    I gotta say though, both of those options seem pretty selfish. Does C have any regret at all for what C’s done?



    In the past, B & C used to be a couple. A true love conquers all type. A falling out, sent B to marry A, and C got engaged to D.

    Now thrust together after many years apart, B & C have re-united, and although neither wanted to, they start falling in love, again.
    C loves D, but doesn’t want to cause a lifetime of unhappiness for D, especially if C’s heart is not invested fully in the relationship. Just trying to figure out if D finds out and cuts the relationship strings or if C confesses to D. Either way, someone’s getting hurt.

    C does regret – because C honestly believed she was over B, and was really happy with D. C & B lived half a world away from each other for years. Seeing B has brought back all the old feelings and lots of new ones. At this point, C would rather be alone (hoping to be with B) than marrying someone who doesn’t have her full heart. Does that make sense? C is also not a home-wrecker.



    Okay, now I understand a bit better. I still think that C confessing would be more powerful, especially if she does care for D. It would be more painful for both I think because if D doesn’t suspect anything, I imagine he’s going to be extremely hurt. And she’s going to have to deal with the fact that she’s doing that to him.

    If he finds out about it on his own and then confronts her about it later, he’s already had time to compose his thoughts and figure out how he wants to bring it up to her. It’s not as… raw as in the scenario when C confesses to D.



    Maybe peer pressure is making her marry D. The fear of being an old maid would make her marry someone she wished she hadn’t. Being an old maid, if she bit the bullet and chose that, would make her the talk of the town. She wouldn’t like that. Let that be the conflict until she makes a decision; or B helps her make a decision. He could pretend he’s in love with A after he marries her – thinking he’s helping himself out of his agony and helping C out of hers also. Maybe they end up in a romantic spot for a moment and the two of them discover that their feeling aren’t dead. Now they both are confused. Sounds like a nice tangled mess. That’s what stories are made of.

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