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    Who’s got em? Or does writing take up every minute of your waking life? 😉

    I confess to being addicted to The Sims, True Blood, & Jersey Shore and I love all things horror movie–even the crappy ones. I actually don’t like any other kind of movie which really annoys the crap out of my family.

    That means that I get a lot more free time to write because they’d rather have the TV.




    @xaenyth, I’m a huge fan of horror movies! In fact, I think I like the terrible ones the best! LOL

    Speaking of which, have you heard of Attack the Block? It’s by the same people who did Shaun of the Dead. I was lucky enough to watch an advanced screening of it last week and it was a lot of fun! It’s about an alien invasion in inner city London. So kind of a sci-fi horror.

    As for my interests other than horror movies, I love gardening, anime, and manga.



    I’m addicted to computer games – I can’t help myself. And I love competition shows like Master Chef and So You Think You Can Dance. Gardening, politics, movies, coffee and gabbing – typical writer vices, right?



    Currently, it’s Chuzzle, Peggle, and Bejeweled lol



    My two-year-old is convinced every waking moment of my life belongs to her, so that’s where a majority of my time goes. 🙂

    Thankfully, she still naps (though I’m afraid she’s phasing them out!), so I use that time to work out.

    I started the ‘Insanity’ DVD’s this week. They’re…..ummm…quite aptly named. It’s beyond ridiculous. The DVD player’s ‘Pause’ button has never seen so much action.

    I love to read too, though that’s kind of a given. George R. R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ series has become my latest obsession. HBO’s adaptation of it (called Game of Thrones after the title of the first book) is amazing as well. I’ve lost more hours of sleep than I care to admit because of those books.



    I play my ukulele all the time. Mostly I do covers of songs cause I can’t write song lyrics to save my life but I guess you could say that it’s a HUGE distraction from writing for me.



    I love science fiction tv shows and crime dramas with a funny side. I spend WAY too much of my time watching those types of shows. Outside of tv, I also volunteer at an animal shelter, do tons of stuff with my church, and read voraciously. Oh and I am (not so) secretly addicted to the Sims and really good RPGs. I’m currently awaiting the release of the Sims3 pets and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


    Sharra S

    anime, manga, conventions (& cosplay)



    Barbara G.Tarn

    comicons, movies (mostly fantasy/sci-fi, but I’m game for everything).
    I also do graphic novels, so I’ve spent years at European comicons (mostly Italian, but also French)! 🙂 And I do read loads of comics/manga/BD – depends on how you want to call them – as well (or I wouldn’t be drawing mine, haha)



    I embroider a lot and knit too as well as paint, I also love motorsports and cars and I love to travel. On the odd occasion I can also be found scuffling about with the cattle on my boyfriend’s farm.



    While writing takes up a tremendous part of my free time, I’m also a member of a competitive dragon boat team (silver medalists in last year’s club crew nationals). I also sky dive regularly, and I like to knit, spin yarn, garden and cook.



    If I’m not writing, I’m either cooking , watching TV or reading. I was supposed to work on my WIP today but I ended up making homemade peanut butter cups. Yum! *Thinking* about writing is also one of my favorite hobbies… lol.

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