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    Maybe I’m not the only one who can’t come up with titles. I have seen people help others with titles, so I thought maybe we can help each other for those annoying WIPs with no titles.



    I’ll start.

    Sensuous curves in a black corset
    A man with a collar high above his neck
    If they meet, of her doom I am certain
    The play is over; Down comes the curtain.



    @Dawn Here’s a brainstorming list of titles:
    The Curtain
    Behind the Scene
    Beyond the Curtain

    Without completely knowing your intentions it’s hard to give the perfect name. Only you can come up with that!
    By the way, I love this.



    I’m glad. I figured this was a poetry group, so shouldn’t we share poetry or something?

    I was hoping to go with something abstract in the title but am drawing serious blanks. I wrote this at least a year ago (I think) and still can’t think of something. I have a lot of “Untitled”s lol.



    I like to make my titles hint at what the poem’s about. I changed the titles on a couple of them because I interpreted them differently. like this one
    When I first wrote the poem it was more depressing, just about losing yourself. That’s when it was untitled or something like “where’s the music?”. Then when I had my first son I finished the poem so it ended with a sort of redemption. I was so focused on the babyness that I named it “Lullaby”. Now another three or four years later I read it again and decided it would be better as “Song” because, well, if I think about it it’s really about being brave enough to sing, or rather, put yourself out there, and share your talents.

    A lot of people would say to leave it how it was originally was, don’t lose the emotion of the moment, and go ahead and write a new poem instead of tampering with an old one. I think that this poem though is kind of an ode to life and and needed the change.

    There I shared some poetry, haha. I was wondering why I didn’t see any posted in the forum.



    Hi, hope you don’t mind if I weigh in here. Dawn, I like your poem a lot. The high ruffled collar reference makes me think Shakespearean stage and actors so maybe the title could reference this, or some other Elizabethan playwright, such as Johnson or… drawing a serious blank otherwise, but you get the idea. It also has a more sinister undertone of the man being the play’s villain so maybe the title could reflect this also. Mephistophilis was a big villain in Marlowe’s work so word play on this might prove interesting. Such as Mephistophilis Stage Dreams or A Stage Dream of Mephistophilis or Surrendering to Mephistophilis. Another bad guy would work too, I’m just using him as an example. There does seem to be the sense of the woman surrendering though so using that word in the title might be interesting as well. Good luck with finding a title for this one! It’s very tightly written and powerful for being so concise. Nice work.

    Question: Where do we share poetry? With each other or here on the forum? Been stuck in my own work so long it’d be refreshing to read and think about someone else’s!



    Hi guys, please feel free to share your poetry on the forum (we can start a separate thread) but do be aware that it is public, so don’t be putting up your whole anthology or anything! Look forward to reading ~



    How about ‘bad love’? 🙂

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