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    Willing to read: Scifi, most fantasy, erotica(preferably M/M or F/F)

    Will not read : YA(of any type), contemporary, Tolkienish/Urban fantasies, nonfic,or memoirs.

    Looking for a weekly swap of 3,000 words and lower. Below are the works I have available to read.

    Goddess Made at 15 Chapters(Adult Science/Fantasy)- A young girl must traverse through seven realms to expel an evil A.I attempting to consume her body.

    Break My Chains at 1 Chapter (M/M scifi erotica) – Branded an undesirable for the means he used to fulfill his dream, young Hart Moosecap believes he’s finally found a new home in the outcast village of Veritas. Too bad a spoiled middle-aged Earl demands he become his love in exchange for the village’s continued survival. Can Hart teach the Earl true love doesn’t come at a price or will the man’s pigheadedness doom him to a gilded cage?


    Honor Thy Lover at 5 Chapters (M/M fantasy romance) Nier arrives on the Bright Lands blinded and lacking any knowledge about the strange world his Mother banished him two. His luck doesn’t get any better when two arrogant Troll princes kidnap him for their amusement. At the last moment before he’s bargained to a popular magician for spare parts that he’s saved by the Troll princes’ hated younger brother, Korvac. Now he must make certain they both escape the castle before Korvac’s brothers put him in a grave. Little does he knows the kingdom’s politics will send him on a path ending in the young man’s bed.


    email me at pamelloa@gmail.com

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