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    If you´re interested in making a critique group (or just want to find a crit partner) write below.
    Just add what you like and what you want from your partners help.

    Mostly I write fantasy and adventure stories.
    I want my crit partners to help me with my english (I´m from Germany) and with the getting-deeper-into-scenes. I need some really honest people, who don´t might hurting others because of strong critique.

    So, if you´re interested, contact me. 😉



    I think I’m looking for strong critiquing as I go, but I’m not ready to critique just yet. If someone just has an editing hobby… lol

    My YA novel was written back in high school, so I can take a lot of crap. I already know a lot needs revised but am not 100% sure of how to do it. I don’t have everything typed up yet, and it’s not completed, but I have 9,387 words typed up so far.

    If you’re interested in discussing Look at the Stars, let me know 🙂



    Great idea for a post!

    @Dawn – I actually do have an editing hobby — or at least, I’m paid so little it counts as a hobby. If you’d like to send me a few pages to wet your feet, let me know!

    I’m very interested in finding a partner to swap chapters who is writing a similar story (YA fantasy/adventure/mystery). She would have to be brutally honest (no holding back) and attentive enough to help with solving continuity/pacing/characterization problems. And I would do the same, of course, or more. I will devote a lot of time and thought to your WIP, but structured deadlines are not necessarily a must. I know most of us have other commitments!

    I have several beta readers, but they’re not writers (oh, and they’re family and friends so reviews are overwhelmingly positive). Would love to take it to the next level with the right person!

    FYI: I’m a little nervous about testing the waters with someone who is already published or otherwise extremely experienced. I feel like it might be a bit of a one-sided relationship, ya know?

    Let me know if you’d like to swap first chapters. No commitment necessary – just swapping to see if we like one another’s style.

    @fabienne – I like your premise, it has some elements in common with my own WIP. Messaging you now!



    @Dawn: if you´re interested, message me. 😉



    @fabienne, I’m not ready to critique yet.



    @Dawn: Okay, but you’re on a crit site …. anyway, you can contact me when/if you´re ready.



    @jessicafriday: I’m looking for very similar things in a crit partner(s). I write what sounds to be similar types of stories (ya fantasy/adventure/mystery, though liter on the mystery at this point). If you’re interested in trading first chapters, I’d be up for it. I’m almost finished with my current draft and am looking for help with pacing/consistency/characterization and other big things like that.

    And Dawn and fabienne, That goes for either of you too. I’m still new to official critique partners but I have experience editing thanks to my job and editing papers for friends all through college (still do sometimes).



    I write any kind of YA so I really don’t mind if the person I’m critiquing is writing a different genre. But right now, I’m focusing on a YA Fantasy.

    Personally, I’d like it if the critique partner and I liked the same books and wouldn’t mind talking to me on chat (e.g gchat)
    I’m a fairly fast reader and I generally can finish what you send me in less than a day and can write the critique in the same day or in the next. If it takes longer than it means that I either really can’t get into the story or I really like it and can’t describe my thoughts very well.

    I wouldn’t particularly use structured deadlines and as I stated above, I’m more of a person who would talk to you on chat. And that is basically it, we can swap first chapters if you’d like.



    Yeah, I thought I was ready to crit, but I’m feeling kind of small right now. I think I can do a chapter or so at a time (maybe) but unless it’s really “bad” I probably won’t notice anything wrong with it. Thus why I’m not ready.



    @jessicafriday @flemming If you like, we can exchange a few chapters.

    flamming, what books do you generally like?

    @Dawn Why’re you feeling small??



    Because I realize how much better everyone else is at writing 🙁



    @dawn: Oh, I know how you´re feeling. Sometimes it crushes you down, right? It´s the feeling I almost feel every while. A few months ago I felt like everyone´s better than me and my stories are boring and I was really frustated. But then I read a lot of famous authors blogs and I saw that they felt the same at the beginning.
    I don´t know how old you are or how long you´re already writing, but I learned that I´m still young and that I can shape myself. Maybe my storeis are boring and transparent, so what? If I know it, that´s a big step, ´cause you know where your mistakes are and you can make it better the next time.
    You just have to give yourself time and above all: Nobody wants a second J.K.Rowling or Stephanie Meyer or whom ever.
    Only you can make your own way. And, yes, it´s a very hard way to be a writer. 😉



    I generally like contemporary books. Basically, most of my favorites come from that genre. But the books that are non-contemporary, I liked Lips Touch: Three Times by Laini Taylor, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, The Wolves of Mercy Falls by Maggie Stiefvater and some dystopians (The Hunger Games series and Divergent) to sum it all up.



    I would love to get another critique partner. I already have one, but I feel I need a second just to make sure nothing is falling through the cracks and to help me figure out any areas where I can expand. I feel I don’t have enough detail added and am clueless as to where I can add more.

    I am writing a YA fantasy/paranormal romance that’s about a girl who wakes up dead (so to speak) and takes on a new role in her afterlife.

    I currently have 32K words written and would be happy to swap chapter by chapter with someone. I am really good about getting feedback back (usually within a week) and would like someone who could do the same.


    Tracy Rohlfing

    Hey LWC’s (all)~

    I msg’d Laura, the site developer/designer/creator and suggested since YA was nearly double (or more) that the other groups and being that the other groups are “set” in the adult genre world if she would set up “sub-groups” with in YA.

    Since there are so many genres within the YA genre (romance, paranormal, fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi, contemporary… not to mention crossovers) this may help us find critique partners more easily.

    So I just wanted to let you know she’s working on that among other things to improve the site.


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