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    @Dawn – “Because I realize how much better everyone else is at writing” I think we all have some self-doubt. Especially when offering up our babies to the chopping block (so to speak) of critiquing. Don’t let it get ya down, girl!

    @tracy – Great idea!



    @missross Your idea sounds so great! I want to take a look at it. If you want, we could exchange a few chapters. You can message me, if you´re interested. 😉

    @TracyRohlfing I´m looking forward to that!



    I’m editing an author’s novel right now (for pay, since she’s self-publishing and I’m an English teacher), but I’ll be free to do a good beta read for someone by mid-September. I can’t promise to go over it the same way I do when I really EDIT, but I’d love to help with the nitpicky details and also give feedback about character, plot movements, etc.

    I have two novels that could use some readers’ eyes. One is the first in a series about a boy Thomas who has ESP and other gifts. I’m revising this one right now, but I should have it ready in a couple weeks.

    The other one that needs some readers is a ghost story involving a 16-year-old girl who’s been in and out of foster care all her life, who decides to try to live on her own after her mother abandons her again. Only this time she’s living in a house haunted by the ghost of a boy murdered there 50 years before. It’s been waiting to be shredded since last year, but I can’t recall anyone reading it for me.

    I take criticism very well, and I tend to be fair but honest–to tell you gently what you really need to know to help make your book as good as possible. Once my current edit is out of the way, I could definitely do some beta reading.



    @missross I love the idea of your story. If you are interested I wouldn’t mind critiquing each others works. I write paranormal romance and if you are interested or want anymore information just send me a message.



    I’m willling to critique. I write SF and fantasy. I’ve been critiquing for about three years now. Would love to swap novels or chapters. Just let me know.



    @shakespeare, both your stories seem to be right up my ally. I would be more than happy to read and critique, I have worked with foster care children in my previous life, so my knowledge on that is extensive. I’m new to critiquing but I will do my best .

    I’m looking for feedback on my WIP. It’s about a 16 year old girl who sees the Devil, she discovers that she has the power to change people’s destinies, which is why the Devil has taken an interest in her.



    @Christina Sounds quite interesting. Can you tell me more about it? 😉



    I am very interested in finding a partner that has similar tastes in novels and is serious about critiquing each others work. I like to write about everything YA, but I am working on 3 serious projects that I have posted on my profile. I would like to find a partner that can be brutally honest, but also supportive, and I would do that same for them.

    If anyone would like to swap chapters just let me know. We don’t have to make any type of commitment, just see if we like each others styles, then go from there.



    I’m willing to critique also. I’m interested in finding a partner who can give me feedback on my WIP. It’s about a 17 year old girl who, a year after her boyfriend is killed in a hit-and-run accident, begins being stalked by someone who knew her boyfriend and she has to find out why they are stalking her and what they want.



    Does anyone else write historical fiction YA? I have four series featuring the same characters (each with a different focus) set in Atlantic City. The first one runs from 1938-41, the second series starts in June 1941, the third (really one very long book written in what will be 12 volumes and not always so YA in nature, depending on the section) starts the day Pearl Harbor is bombed, and the fourth starts in December 1943.

    I’m always in a tiny minority on blogfests and online writing contests, esp. for YA, for choosing historical fiction instead of one of the currently trendy genres, so I’d love a critique partner who likes historical stories.


    Tracey Joseph

    I’m also looking for a critique partner/beta reader for my YA novel. If anyone writes YA contemporary fiction or historical fiction send me a message. Honestly, I’m having a hard time categorizing my novel, and some extra help would be awesome.



    @tracy Joseph: I write contemporary fiction. I’m looking for someone to critique a novel I’ve just finished called Shake.

    @ Everyone: I am super focused on grammar and continuity. I’m a Bachelor of English going into teaching, so reading is basically what I do. I love to close read, I will repeat read things if you want, and I will be honest.

    I would love someone to do the same for me. Shake is about an international crime organization that gets busted by the government, and what happens after. It’s a subject I am strangely familiar with lol, so I’m looking for someone who can tell me how realistic it is sounding and what needs to be changed.

    let me know!!



    Hello– I’ve been looking for a critique partner for my WIP, a contemporary YA called THUMP. Sixteen-year-old Hailey’s world is turned upside down when she is diagnosed with a heart condition.

    If anyone has any medical knowledge, that would be extremely helpful, but is not necessary.

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