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Poems, Are The Ones We Write Any Good?

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    I have wondered the past few days if my poetry is even all that great. I mean, I love it. I have been sending them around to every magazine tat allows poetry and so far all I have is one rejection. No one else has enough decency to write back. Here are my two poems that I’ve been sending out.

    The Summer I Died 1
    by Katelyn Shear

    The summer I died was a wonderful summer.
    My family and friends thought it was a bummer.
    But I had known to love that summer best.
    Because at the end of it, I would lay to rest.
    I was so young, but knew so much.
    I was living my life on a hunch.
    I learned to take what life gave.
    And that every life wasn’t meant to save.
    My illness took me away.
    For that my family never forgave.
    But I do not hate that disease.
    It taught me so much, and took me to Jesus to see.
    Life is but a fleeting moment.
    Don’t take chances, it’ll snatch you away, before you know it.
    My family watched me wilt away.
    I had to go, even when I wanted to stay.
    Cherish your life, family, and friends.
    Let them know how you feel, before life ends.

    Memories of Summer
    by Katelyn Shear

    Summer days, Summer nights.
    How I miss them, with all my might.
    The kiss of sun on my skin.
    The mornings as they just begin.
    The smell of honeysuckles in the air.
    The buzz of bees, flying around my hair.
    The sound of laughter, as a child plays.
    Relaxing on the long, warm days.
    But now the air has a bite of cold.
    Summer is over, if I might be bold.
    How I long for nice, warm weather.
    It would be so much better.
    I have to wait, ’till another year.
    That much is clear.

    Are they any good? I made them, so I’m biased. Can anyone tell me?



    Are you sending them to the right places. Adult vs. Juvenile. Sounds `heavy` for children magazines. Most editors don`t reply unless you include a SASE but even then they only send polite rejections.



    I like the first one very much, as well as the second. I have no dealings with any kind of newspaper (never have submitted my works–though I have had dealings with vanity press haha.) But I honestly find these very good–when I read them, I like the imagery they give me. I like what I see. Keep trying to submit!



    It’s so hard to read our poems without bias; they are like our children. I see potential in your work. The second is my favorite because I like nature poetry. I think there are some cliches and wonder two things: have you tried much revision? I found some good tips for revision through search engines. Also I wonder if you read a lot of poetry. It is something I am trying to do for myself because published poets will tell you how important it is.

    My you have the best of luck with your work!

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