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Seeking a CP for a YA Fantasy

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    Hello, everyone! I’ve just finished a YA Fantasy novel (at 90K). It’s like Harry Potter meets The Sword in the Stone. I’m in the process of editing it myself. I’m looking for an experienced, long-term critique partner who can help me out with plot holes, scenes and characterization problems and pacing.
    I’d love to swap a few chapters for a trial run. My novel involves lots of Swordfighting which may be violent. I hope to build a lasting partnership with someone who’s not only frank and helpful but also honest and insightful. Hopefully someone with experience too.
    I’m new and I’m still figuring out how it works here. I am open to YA and I wouldn’t mind giving feedback on Fantasy and Mystery novels. Do message me if you are interested.
    Thank you 🙂



    Hi there!

    Harry Potter meets Sword and the Stone… well I’m intrigued to say the least! I am also in search for a long-term CP and would be glad to build a long lasting partnership. I am very frank (without being mean of course, writing is a very personal thing) but always encourage people as well. Writing is an incredibly invested process, and whilst these things should be handled with tact, sometimes you just need to be told when something needs fixed! Which of course is what I’m looking for as well. You can only look over a piece of writing so many times, before you start missing fundamental issues.

    I have a lot of experience critiquing for people. I’m fairly new to this site, but have swapped a lot of work elsewhere beforehand. I have been told that some of my strongest areas are characterisation and pacing, so I would be all too glad to focus on those areas for you! And of course keep an eye out for pesky plotholes!
    A few chapters for a trial would work for me as well, my own project is Fantasy/Avdenture based. I’d be happy to swap more details etc. if you’re still looking for a CP to work with!

    Let me know,
    All the best,




    I am also interested in becoming critique partners. Your book sounds like something I’d really enjoy.

    My book is for lower middle grade, and it’s about an awkward clumsy boy who is trying to become a super hero.

    If interested in becoming critique partners please email me


    Thank you



    Hi Fran,
    I noticed you have experience with pacing and I really need some suggestions as well as help with my main character I can’t seem to flesh out enough, and it’s really bugging me. Your project sound interesting as well. My work usually involves romance and historical fiction, but I simply love fantasy and adventure — the reason I am writing one of my own. If you would like to take a look at my work and give me some pointers, I would really appreciate it. I’ve done some critiquing as well and I’d love to get an unbiased critique. I live for constructive criticism but I tend to be a bit frank as well because I too am serious about my writing. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

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