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    As of now, I have a 97K-ish MS on my hands that has been through a couple rounds of revision. Though I have one CP, I always feel that the more readers that can look over a story before querying (which I’d like to get to this year) the better. The genre is definitely fantasy, definitely YA, and definitely on the mature side. It’s meant to be the start of a trilogy (tentatively) and the mature aspect will be expanded upon as the story goes on. Leans feminist, in a subtle, not super grrrrl power kind of way.

    I don’t have a degree in English, but I do have a degree in Art History, which means that I am v. analytical, v. experienced in picking apart people’s writing, and v. fine with people doing the same to me. Also, I am more than happy to brainstorm symbolism and drawing from real history if you want me to critique a fantasy MS. (That being said, I read almost anything YA if it catches my attention, and am open to critiquing non-fantasy stories.) I’m looking for a CP to focus on pacing, character development, and plot in my MS. Not looking for a chapter by chapter exchange–I’d be fine with reading your chapters one by one, but my current CP and I are exchanging 50-ish pages each go, and I’m looking to work quickly and efficiently.

    One sentence blurb: After her nation is invaded, a living goddess disguises herself as a mortal girl and goes on a mission to find a missing king.

    I’d love to be friends with a CP as well, so feel free to be as open with me as you want to be. Feel free to send me a message!

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