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Seeking a CP/Writing Buddy for a YA Historical Fantasy

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    Hi, everyone!

    I’m looking for a writing buddy – someone who shares my love for YA, fantasy and historical fiction.

    I’m currently 30,000 words in to my WIP and it’s proving difficult to stay motivated when the whole process is such a solitary one. I would really appreciate someone to keep me in check – an ‘accountability buddy’ – and someone who hopefully is after something similar! Writing friends I have had in the past have been either at different stages in their process, or had vastly different writing styles or levels of skill. I’m really wanting to buckle down and finally find someone who really suits me.

    A bit of information about me…
    > I’m 28 years old and have been writing (unpublished) as well as reviewing YA books for many years.
    > I live in Australia!
    > My favourite YA authors include Libba Bray, Maggie Stiefvater, Holly Black, Jessica Shirvington and more.
    > I make playlists on Spotify for my WIP’s and listen to them as I write.
    > I use Scrivener!

    My current WIP is…
    > A YA historical fantasy entitled ‘Misselthwaite’.
    > Set in 1907/1908 Edwardian England
    > Has a sixteen-year-old female protagonist
    > Draws on Celtic mythology, but is mostly historically-orientated
    > Has a pinch of romance
    > Involves the heroine uncovering the sad history behind her Uncle’s dreary Yorkshire estate
    > Is an aged-up re-telling of ‘The Secret Garden’

    What I am looking for/What I can offer you 🙂
    > I am honest and when offering criticism, but will also offer suggestions on how to fix said critique.
    > I am a descriptive writer and enjoy reading descriptive writing.
    > I would like to chat over something such as google chat or Discord
    > I am happy to swap chapters one at a time, offering mutual feedback.
    > I believe myself to be quite proficient in writing, grammar and spelling in my work and am therefore looking for someone who is also on that level.

    If you would like to get in touch, please send me a private message and we will go from there! 🙂 I promise I don’t bite!

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