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Seeking beta reader for NA epic fantasy novel

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    Hi, everyone!

    I am finished my new adult epic fantasy novel at 105k words and am in the middle of having it critiqued by multiple CPs. That said, I’d like someone to just read the book for the story in general and tell me how they feel about how it progresses, pacing, characters, etc., rather than looking at the specifics of any logic, which my CPs catch quite well.

    Here is a little blurb explaining what it’s about:

    After an attempt on Cilia’s life instead takes the life of her fiancé, she comes to realize that her home is no longer safe. Her father sends her on a mourning trip, something to distract her from the recent tragedy, as well as to distance her from the new danger. Brought up in the life of weapons, training, and soldiers, but unable to become one herself because of her status as both a woman and the Princess of Erminia, Cilia has finally achieved her dream of going on a journey—at the cost of her fiancé’s death. Joined by her best friend Nic and her brother, Carlos, Cilia must skirt her way around a dangerous mountain range to reach the war camps where Carlos is to take command of the troops fighting against the rebellion. During the course of her trip, Cilia stumbles across some important information: she is the only woman in all of Erminia who can open Duarte’s sacred Vault of Essence.

    If the essence of magic inside the vault is destroyed, it will ripple across all users of Blood Weaver magic, including Cilia and her family. It will result in the ultimate extinction of their magic. And now, trapped by the promise she’s made, trapped by the rebellion that wants her entire family dead, and trapped by her own irrational love for a man who has destroyed the life she once wished she could have, Cilia’s future seems set—she will open the Vault of Essence and inevitably cause her own family’s downfall. And maybe even her own.

    If you’re interested in reading through it for me with no specific critiquing required, but just an overall sense of the book, send me a message with your email and I’ll send you a few chapters so you can get an idea of my writing style and decide if it’s something you wish to continue with.

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