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Seeking CP for 40,000 YA Dark Fantasy Fantastical Novella

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    I started this fantastical story around the time of the monsoons this summer. Once the rains started pouring down, I sat down at a kitchen table and very quickly this story about magical citizens on an island in outer space began to unravel. If you’re into Terry Pratchett, soulmate theories, zombies, magical towns, a universe with multiple dimensions, super hero fighting and dream diaries – this could be the story for you.

    Please contact me if you’re interested in reading or reviewing this 40,000 word story! I’d like to get to know you and will also be up for reading your own works.

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!

    ~ Stephanie



    Hello Stephanie,
    I love the concept of your story. Mine is about a group of teenagers at a school who go to a supernatural high school and they start to find out long help secrets that the royal families have been hiding.


    Hi Stephanie,

    I would love to read your work. I love Terry Pratchett and also love the Jasper Ffordes The Last Dragonslayer Series.

    I am interested in finding a critique partner both for a Middle Grade Fantasy Novel about a girl who gets on the wrong Space Ship and for my adult Urban Fantasy.





    Elise, I would love to critique your story! That is totally in the vein of my story writing interests–space, female protagonists, middle-grade fantasy, playing with urban fantasy/real world settings. I don’t read too much of Terry Pratchett but I had read a few of his stories to see his writing style, how fantastical and amusing they are, often dry, plays with meta and fantasy, and with total original characters. My works, however, tend to be a little darker, I like to have zombies, invading evils, and apocalypses in my stories. In this one, I try to balance this out with light-humor, a lot of versatile characters, and interweaving concepts like soulmate theories. A big influence I had when I was young was also LJ Smith and Christopher Pike.

    What’s your email address? I can send my story as a .PDF your way. My email address is stephanie.flood@sjsu.edu



    Sabrina Eads

    Hi Stephanie, are you still looking for critique partners? I do not have a novel at the present time, I am working on a short story project. Most of it involves something vaguely creepy, and what a friend of mine called “body horror.” If that is at all interesting, please let me know.



    Hi everyone!

    Would love if you guys check out my new book “The Hive: The Matriarch Saved”

    Here’s a short summary:
    When Earth is invaded, Evonne witnesses her family’s deaths and wakes up imprisoned in a room with other women of childbearing age. They undergo torturous experiments before being rescued by seemingly human alien warriors on a reconnaissance mission. Evonne’s ordeal has unleashed new abilities in her, powers she can’t fully understand or control.

    Would love to know your guys thoughts 🙂

    You can get a sneak peek of the first chapter on my website: http://jyobooks.com 🙂

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