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    So I have a story a started waaaay back in high school, a bit steam of conscious that I fixed up later. Problem is that I wrote it at first in a weird tense and had to change that. Now the first section is this very odd collection of re-writes, add ins, and random sentences in the wrong tense. But at this point I’ve re-read it so many times I can’t figure out how to fix it. T.T I’m in desperate need of someone to point out what I can’t see anymore and give suggestions on how to correct awkward sentence structure.

    I must give fair warning to the story content: It’s first person female, and she’s completely anti-hero in the beginning, hates everything, and is violent. It’s also high action and slap you in the face world building. Sooo, that should be considered. heh

    I am happy to content edit (since obviously line editing is not my strong suit lol) anything sent to me in return.

    Please halp! Thanx. ^.^



    Hi! I also write sci-fi. I’ve completed one speculative fiction novel which has previously been critiqued but could use (a lot) more work. It’s a soft sci-fi loosely centered on time travel with teen and adult characters.

    I’ve also completed a short first draft of my next novel, which needs expansion. It’s for adults and is set in an alternative present where alien abductions are a daily occurrence.

    If you could help me with what needs expanding, what’s confusing or not explained well, and suggestions of further character development, and plot lines that need to be cut or further developed, that’s what I’m really looking for.

    As far as what you need, I think I can help you. I’ve navigated a POV change before and I feel your pain. Also, I have no problem with violence, bad words, sex scenes or darkness.

    Interested in exchanging first chapters as a trial?


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