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    Hey guys! I am an aspiring writer who is currently looking for a CP for my 60K paranormal novel. This would probably be best classified as new adult (college age protagonists). I am willing to read and critique any genre. Let me know if you are interested in swapping!



    Hi 😊 I’m also looking for a CP partner. I write urban fantasy (world hopping with magic) with paranormal elements, and a very light romance toward the end of book 1. I’d also like to note there are Elemental beings, Dragons and Fairies.

    Below is a summary of my book (but doesn’t cover all plot points). If you’re interested, send 3 chapters to my email: chenson0870[at]gmail.com. Please include the email address you’d like me to send my 3 chapter to.

    UNIVERSE KEEPERS 1 – RECLAIM, is an Urban Fantasy novel about a troubled teen who discovers she’s a gifted healer that may have to turn killer to survive her destiny as a protectress of the Universe. It is complete at 85,344 words with world-hopping and metaphysical aspects.
    At nine, KRISTA’S fire power accidentally kills an abusive foster parent. Horrified by her actions, Krista locks her magic in a mental-prison deep inside her subconscious, cuts her connection to her paranormal friends, and denies her destiny.
    The Universe hurtles Krista’s fate at her eight years later—a fire erupts at school, and a salamander uncoils from within a fire ball. He demands Krista remember who she is because the evil is already upon them. Krista recalls the dangerous monster inside her, denies what he says, and jumps out the window. Later, hell-hounds corner her at the park, and a supernatural earthquake rips through the library she’s hiding in. A portal to another world appears, and a woman Krista met earlier that day beckons her to enter; Krista leaps in to save herself. While in-between, Krista is snatched by an unknown source and thrown onto the wrong planet.
    A hungry Stone-troll attacks. Krista slips through his granite clutches, grabs a branch and holds it high in her shaky hands. A Star-lion descends from the sky, rescues Krista and tells her to embrace her destiny to protect the Universe. He carries her to the woman’s planet. Through misadventures, Krista discovers she’s a healer. Terrified her powers may kill someone again, she refuses to crack open her mental lockboxes and access the magic the Elementals taught her.
    Krista’s resolve will be tested because the MASTER-MALICE wants Krista’s allegiance for his own dark purposes. He plans to suck the life-force out of each soul that wronged him and drain every planet dry. He’s twisting innocent animals into walking, talking, human-like creatures, and sending them after Krista. But the vile, creature-malices have their own agenda; they want to crack open Krista’s chest and slurp the light out to amplify their own powers.
    Krista may have to convert from healer to killer to survive her destiny. And she must get back to Earth to someone she left in the group home.
    Note: I’m a Reiki Master Energy healer, medium, spiritual adviser, and enchant my own herbs. I have an advanced understanding of spiritual energy. This assists my writing and explanation of how their powers work.

    I’d prefer to use Word ‘Track Changes’ method to notate our editing comments. If you don’t have Word, please make your comments in-line and highlight them for easy identification. I’ve been told I provide a very detailed edit/critique (If I notice grammar issues, plot issues, holes in scene/sequel combo, unanswered questions, gaps in the 3 Acts = I notate it), and I’d really love someone who would provide the same level of critique for me…I didn’t receive it with the people I swapped with previously, and gave up on CP partners a while back. But I’m very hopeful 😊
    My main concerns are if my story is interesting, does the main char (Krista) voice stay consistent given the situation and char arc, is the plot identifiable and stay on target, does my story slow down too much, or become to teacher-ish as I do try to advise how to be mindful and other energy-related methods, and is my deep Point of View consistent or does it go too far with the explanations of emotional reaction/inner thought/physical response that kills the reading pacing/interest.


    Jenny Glozshtein

    Hi chenson, I’m get what you mean regrading giving actually thoughtful reviews!

    Here is a pitch for my book (a work-in-progress pitch which encapsulates barely a fraction of it:/ but maybe it’ll give you some idea) :

    Nia is an isolated video game addict, forced out of her immersion one day, when two strangers show up in her home claiming she has telepathic powers. She’s not entirely convinced they’re not there to sell her on some strange scheme or cult, in fact, she’s not even sure they’re not the product of a feverish mind hooked on too many video-games — but she’ll bites. From there on she enters the underground society of psions, where you never know which memories are your own, who’s spying on your thoughts, and where shadows lurk. But least of all, Nia knows about the bizarre realm she finds inside her own head, and where it’ll take her.

    I have about a third written, but it’s more or less mapped out.

    Writing style: inspired by Maggie Stiefvater, Don DeLillo, Chuck Palahniuk.
    Genre: Urban fantasy (the fantasy is on the softer side, a bit dreamy sometimes), with touches of psychological thriller and drama (great focus on psychology, mental illness and relationships). Somewhat dark, but with many lighter moments of humour (or attempts at those, you be the judge :P).

    Favourite authors/books:

    Fantasy/sci fi: The Raven Boys, the Cat series by Joan D. Vinge, Permutation City, the Vorkosigan Saga, Mistborn, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Time Traveler’s Wife.

    Other: Don DeLillo, Chuck Palahniuk, Jonathan Safran Foer, David Grossman, Gone Girl, The Piano Teacher, Nausea by Jean Paul Sartre, The First Bad Man, the unabridged journals by Sylvia Plath, Lolita.

    if you’re interested, email me at jenny.gloz@gmail.com

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