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    Seeking feedback for any or all of 16 contemporary short stories. Note: The 3 shorter ones are listed last. I have quite a bit of critique and editing/proofing experience. I’m willing to exchange a full read, broken into pieces, or one only if you prefer. Titles with content teasers below. Kae

      18-Wheel Angel – After the worst day of many hard years, a suicidal teen goes for the ride of his life.

      The Bad Baby – What happens when a mother recognizes her baby’s badness right there in the delivery room?

      Deception in Plain Sight – In the guerrilla trenches of the war on drugs, a brilliantly interwoven supply side disruption reveals more deceptive layers than its military hierarchy fabricated.

      The Discovery – Could the terrorists’ bullets that leave a brilliant young scientist on life support be the catalyst for his lab partners’ efforts?

      Easy Energetics – When Exposé investigative reporters infiltrate a suspiciously endowed health club empire, the truth they discover turns out to be far more than meets the eye.

      Flashpoint – How does love survive the controlling marriage of luxury and distance?

      Interruptions – What does it take for an eight-year-old to distract her ambitious mother from the speech sure to clinch her executive status?

      The L-Word – Of all the meanings she knew for love, she never imagined the truth that would make Love Hurts anything more than a tired old cliché she used when she walked away.

      A Matter of Faith – Could losing their pet help Melissa and her mom find what else they were missing? (A version of this story was published in an anthology.)

      Protection – What makes a good kid go bad? (A version of this story won a small contest.)

      Resuscitation – After lifesaving CPR, is survival mere chance or do the lessons of life hang in the balance?

      The Lucky Twin – What might fate hold when an idyllic friendship is shattered?

      Short Term Answers / Long Time Solutions – What really constitutes success?

      SHORTER Stories:

      Road Trip through Hell – Was it a summer plan, a guilt trip, or something worse? (shorter)

      Breaking News – Breaking news: A Gorilla Girl, who requested to remain anonymous, smuggled the following underground WEMUN’s Voice newsletter across the border from the United States last week.

      Naked Truth – A short-short true tall tale.



    I have written a number of short stories, and published two. I love reading them and would be happy to give you a critique. Please refer to my profile page for contact info thanks.

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