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    Brittany Winchester

    Hey all! I am seeking a critique partner/ alpha reader for my WIP. I’m about a third of the way done and would love for some help throughout to let me know about the flow of the story, and confusing issues, or even if it’s interesting.

    For 17 years, I was a twin, a sister, a half of a whole, until she was gone.
    Scarlet and Cecily were inseparable. Cecily was the sun and Scarlet was the moon. Until their 17th birthday, when Cecily disappeared.
    Now 2 months later, there still aren’t any clues as to what happened, and people have begun to move on, assuming Cecily ran away. But Scarlet knows that isn’t the truth. She would be able to prove it too, she was there that night, if only she could remember.
    With odd newcomers moving into town, and strange occurrences that no one else seems to be noticing, Scarlet is starting to wonder if this has anything to do with where her twin went, or if the rumors are true, and Scarlet has lost more than just her sister, but also her mind.
    She believes she will do anything to find out what happened to Cecily, but what if the price is too great? And what if Scarlet cannot handle the truth she finds?

    Feel free to also contact me at – beewest901@gmail.com




    First of all, shout out to the brilliant writers like you with such creative ideas trying to make a difference. I’m one of you too, trying to make a difference, pursuing what I’m absolutely passionate about. To be honest, I’m in the same boat as you, looking for a critique partner or a writing pal. Do we see each other exchanging ideas in the near future?
    About your writing, I find the storyline quite griping. I hope it to be woven beautifully, and for that purpose I can help. Cheers!



    I’ve emailed you, Brittany 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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