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Seeking CP for YA Contemporary

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    Hey, I’m looking for a CP for my YA contemporary, I am currently working on my forth draft which is at 83k words and it is third person focused and dual pov. It is around the idea of soulmates, has lots of lgbtqia+ elements, heavy aspects of mental health (anxiety, panic attacks, depression, suicide, self-harm, abuse (mental and physical), addiction). I know that sounds really heavy but I promise it has happy moments too. It is about two boys who have very different pasts and are trying to defeat all the boundaries of being together. It deals with family, friendships, romantic and platonic relationships while understanding what being soulmates actually means.
    I have no critiquing or editing experience so this is all fairly new to me, however I do read a lot and have a degree in English Language and Psychology so I know about mental health aspects and bits about grammar.
    In the future I am also planning on writing a YA fantasy.
    I am interested in gaining feedback from my work including plot, character development, pacing and line editing such as grammatical mistakes and odd phrasing.
    It would be great to find someone who is also writing a contemporary so if you’re interested leave a message below or send me one on instagram: @gee_reads

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