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Seeking CP for YA dark high fantasy

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    Hey there, I’m currently looking for a dedicated CP to exchange critiques with every two weeks. I’m about thirty-ish percent through with my manuscript, and would love critique on what I have so far and any future chapters. I love honest and constructive critique, and promise that I will return the same.

    Here’s a summary for my WIP:

    When he was a child, Niilo was gifted with a strange, smoldering tree in the heart of the woods – a tree that brings with it the ability to call the dead back to life, but at the price of heartache.

    For as long as he can remember, dark sorcery has lived in fifteen-year-old Niilo Latvala’s veins, gifted to him by an ancient being known as the Night Father. As the Night Father’s Thieving Tree continues to teach him outlawed necromancy, Niilo finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into dark magic. But when the Thieving Tree’s sorcery results in his father’s death, Niilo is abandoned by his twin sister and exiled from his home. Driven to a strange land where necromancers fight to consume one another’s hearts for power and whispers of a terrible assassin hunting down his kind loom around every corner, he fears that his budding sorcery will not be powerful enough to keep him alive.

    Here he meets Manja. Manja begins to teach him how to control his powers and embraces the darkness slowly growing inside him. Through her, he can forget the past and his sister’s abandonment. He can forget the killers he knows are hunting him for his heart, and the monster he fears he is becoming.

    With Manja, Niilo can forget the Thieving Tree.

    But the Night Father will not be silenced, and he demands sacrifice.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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