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Seeking CP for YA Fantasy

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    Hey, ladies! I am looking for a critique partner for my YA fantasy novel complete at 76,000 words. I would really love to critique another person’s story and I am looking forward to swapping stories. Below are a few lines of description.

    The family business is simple enough. Paint masks on Other Realm beings faces and get paid with a bag full of their tears.

    Masks are the faces Marilyn and her mom paint on OR Beings faces to conceal their true identities from the human population. They are the one thing she knows how to do well.

    Other Realm beings are shadow people living in the Other Realm, a shadow world. They have made a living working in traveling circuses unbeknownst to humans.

    When Marilyn paints a mask on the wrong man she finds herself caught in a brotherly feud spanning not only centuries but women as well. She will have to choose which brother to trust and possibly fall in love with: the blind Keeper of Shadows or the cursed Man with Many Faces.

    Flowers of Dangerous Love asks the question: what if Hades had a twin brother and what if the contest between the two was winning over a mortal girl’s heart? And what if that girl was also the key to breaking a curse: one eternal blindness the other eternal loneliness?

    Message me here if interested.



    Hi, I’m open! I absolutely love Hades retellings (guilty pleasure). I’ll message you.



    Are you still looking for a CP? My email is mahmadtx@gmail.com Hope to hear from you.



    Your book sounds interesting. Are you still looking for a critique partner? I have a description of a young adult fantasy book in my profile. You can message me if you’re interested in exchanging first chapters.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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