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    It’s completed and just shy of 80K. I’m looking for some perspective on plot and character arcs and for someone who’s going to be a little brutally honest with me. Let me know if you’re interested.

    Rough summary:
    Rowen is the reluctant Heir to her country’s throne and finds herself being crowned just as the country is burgeoning with war.




    Hi there! I’m brand new on here and am basically just meandering through the forums, I came across your listing when looking into the group. Sounds like a decent foundation for a concept, was wondering what aspect of fantasy is involved?

    If you are wanting someone ‘brutally honest’ that sounds perfect, as I always worry about people claiming to want critiques and then complaining about not receiving “oh gosh it was wonderful don’t change a thing!”. So honesty is my policy, but I also fully understand and appreciate that writing is a personal thing, and of COURSE all critique would be constructive and without mallice!

    If you want to look into this more, you could always send me a message on here and we could chat, or indeed I could look at say the first chapter or so of your work and then we can both see how it goes. You can see how I critique and I can see how you write; hopefully us both finding a fit!

    I am also looking for someone to look over my work and give thorough feedback – currently relying on friends and family isn’t getting me very far as I’m sure you can understand. My work is Fantasy based also, but we can chat about that once the ball is rolling!

    Hope to hear from you,



    Hi Francesca, I am actually looking for a little brutal honesty. I am one of the few that you can be perfectly honest with, to me it just means that I have to rethink my approach which could make the story better. I would be willing to send you the first chapter on the novel I am working on if you are interested and have the time. I also have the same problem with finding someone to give me feedback. And it has made it harder for me in the second draft with fine tuning, so any help would be dearly appreciated.




    Hi there,

    yeah I’m perfectly able to have another partner, I’m thinking a Bi-Weekly schedule would be best for me right now. How does that sound for you? If its too often then just let me know, but I can’t do weekly right now. We can do an initial swap if you like, 1st chapter for 1st chapter, and then we can see how we like each other’s writing/critiquing styles?
    This is more of a technical first draft for me, I am currently converting the story from 1st person to 3rd, and so I am having some trickiness with tense and such, you have been pre-warned, haha! But yeah, whilst it’s technically a first draft in that sense, I have read over it too many times to be picking up on small things anymore.
    JUst wanted to let you know the point I’m at.
    If you want to get things going, send over your first chapter to my email
    And I will respond with my first chapter as well.
    Look forward to hearding from you,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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