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Seeking CP for YA Fantasy novel

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    Looking for Crit/Accountability Partner(s) for a YA Light Fantasy novel that I’m currently working on. Would really love to swap out a chapter or so at a time every other week. I read/write YA Post-Apoc, Dystopian, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. Please let me know if you are interested.

    (Very) Rough Synopsis:

    Emelie’s Father was banished to the Waste when she was 6. Her mother died when she was 12, leaving her to take care of her Hecataean brother, Aiden. As a Hecataean, Aiden should have been turned over to the King at age four when the blue flames first flew from his fingers. He wasn’t. Emelie has managed to protect him for the past 6 years, until the night one mistake costs them everything. Aiden is taken into custody and sent to the Reformatory to be reprogrammed and commissioned into the Kings Guard. Emelie is sent into the waste to die. When she is saved by an unlikely group of heroes, she is given an option to join them on their quest to overthrow the King. If she joins, she will be committing the same crimes she has spent her life hating her father for, but if she refuses she will lose the only chance she has to rescue Aiden. Along the way she will discover not only who she is, but who her family is, and that discovery could change everything.

    Thanks All! 🙂



    Hi! Your story seems very interesting. If you’re still looking to swap, I have a very brief synopsis of my (half-finished) WIP on my profile. I also put the first chapter on my blog. I hope to hear from you!



    Hello! As a fantasy fanatic, I love the idea of swapping chapters with you every week or so. Here’s a synopsis for my 67,000 word YA light fantasy, give it a read and let me know if you are interested in becoming critiquing partners! 🙂

    Suffering from the death of her father, seventeen-year-old Jo Tsukiyama has been spiraling down a path she is not proud of. Through an attempt at thievery gone wrong, Jo finds herself locked in an unplanned intervention with her mother and recently arrived grandparents from Japan. From them she is given the chance to ditch the drugs and alcohol and start upon a new path, one which will unveil the secrets behind her family’s history and possibly even the truth behind her father’s death.
    This new path is in the form of an academy, where students with familial ties to the ancient shinobi clans train to become highly skilled warriors, spies and assassins. With the choice between this and rehab, Jo reluctantly packs her bags and sets out for Koka, Japan. Despite any prior cynicism towards the idea of wearing a black suit and chucking ninja stars, however, Jo begins to enjoy her time at the academy with the help of her new friends, Ari, Ren and Lavi. Her first year will not be easy, however, as Jo deals with a snobbish rival, trials meant to test her strength and ensure her acceptance into the academy, and a tournament that is looking more and more like a slaughter fest.



    Are you still looking for a partner? If so, I have a description of a young adult fantasy book in my profile. You can message me if you’re interested in exchanging first chapters.

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