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Seeking CP for YA/NA epic fantasy :)

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    Hi guys,

    I’m looking for CPs for my fantasy novel. I’ve left a description below–let me know if you’re interested 🙂 I’d love a partner who is honest, who can point out plot holes, and who can overall give me their opinions at first glance.

    Freya Cerelia has always had a burning hatred for the king with unknown abilities that force people into submission, prevent others from fighting, and cause some to betray. It was thanks to him that she lived in a village with nothing to protect her loved ones, after all, and thanks to him that she was stabbed by a huntsman when protecting a friend.

    But with her death comes an opportunity, a second chance, and white blood, the blood of a body entirely operated by the mind–a Soul. She discovers that there is a world beyond the first lives–and she had been thrust into it. She is invited to participate in a Comp for red blood and be sent back to the land of first lives where she will compete against thirty other Souls like her, Souls desperate to return, to be the last one standing, gain red blood, and with it, their old lives. To do so, they must not bleed on air, avoid the dangerous Soul Thieves wanting to turn a Soul to a slave, and ultimately survive against their competitors.They must be the last one standing.

    However, when Freya returns back to her world, she is given a second offer–to assassinate the king. She can’t possibly imagine turning it down, not when he held the very key to Vitania and the secrets that she is desperate to dig up.

    She must lie, betray, and escape the guilt she will always hold if she is to win a cold war and a crown of not gold, not silver, but of her own blood.

    My email is moutsatsosm@trafalgarcastle.ca if you’re interested and would like to exchange chapters.

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