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    Hi there! I’m Amanda, and I’m writing a Young Adult Science Fiction Dystopian novel. I’m on the fourth draft, and am hoping to begin querying it in the next year or so. I’m looking for someone who would like to work together long-term. I love making writer friends, and we could always use more of them!

    I am looking for someone who is around the same stage I am to swap pages, and help each other out. I’m looking to swap maybe two or three times a month (about three chapters) as I’m in my final semester in college, and work about 12 hours a week in the evenings.

    Aurelia Ison has never been trained to kill.

    At eighteen-years-old, Aurelia has seen more death than any normal person should. The moment she steps out of her house, she fears for the blaring sound of the curfew when she strikes five o’clock in the evening. The moment the second hand glides across the top of the clock the guards begin their ruthless routine of murdering the innocents outside of their homes. Becoming one of them was never Aurelia’s dream, but it’s forced to be when the globe’s sole leader, The President, begins a program to make twenty-one individuals into the perfect guard.

    The New World House is something Aurelia couldn’t imagine. Beneath the lavish gold tastes and life-threatening tasks were the secrets and lies The President concealed from Aurelia and her housemates. Aurelia learns it’s up to her and her friends to take down The President and his new wife, The Lady of Sorrows. They must pretend to adhere to The President’s rules all while discovering exactly who this woman is. If they are discovered, death greets them, and that’s something Aurelia isn’t willing to happen. After all, to fight is to live.

    If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to email me at ajwinterbooks@gmail.com so we can swap a chapter, and see how our styles gel together! I look forward to hearing from you!

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