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    I finished a YA scifi novel some time ago and am still open to swap chapters with anyone as a Critique Partner. I’m interested in critiquing YA fiction, especially fantasy and/or scifi since that’s what I have the most experience with.
    What I look for in a CP is someone who’s honest, but not brutal. Someone who puts as much work into my work as I put in theirs. I would also love to find someone to bounce ideas off of.
    Besides my finished project, I also have a new project which is half finished. A YA scifi.

    Here’s two summaries:
    When set Ablaze (70K YA scifi)

    The city of Troy went up in flames around 1200 BC. Now, over 4000 years later, Soteria faces the same fate.

    Sixteen-year-old Dawn Bellatoris finds more than she was looking for when she searches for her father.

    As the Librarian’s apprentice she now has the chance to find out what happened to her father, who disappeared years ago and used to work for the Librarian. During her search for answers, Dawn finds a machine from which a needle appears that injects her with a serum. This serum gives her the ability to control fire and it makes her veins glow gold.

    But Dawn is not the only one with abilities. From a rival city, supersoldiers come to Soteria with one thing in mind: revenge. Revenge for the people who fell because Soteria didn’t want to intervene.
    If getting revenge means they need to destroy and entire city and kill or enslave all of its people, then so it will be.

    Finding her father is no longer Dawn’s priority. Her city is in danger and with her new abilities, Dawn might be the only one who can save the citizens of Soteria.

    The Girl in Man’s Armor (expected 80K, now at 45K. YA fantasy)

    Seventeen-year old Dalila Bau decides to take her brother’s place in the long-lasting war between two countries. If she is found out, she’ll be executed for treason. But it’s more likely that the enemy will kill her first.

    The countries of Medea and Kash have been at war for years. Dalila’s brother has trained for the Medean army, but has decided to give up warfare to have a family. When he’s asked to join the war anyway, Dalila, who does not have the hope of a family, joins in his place.

    Dalila ends up fighting among people who knew her brother, putting her at risk. And the general, prince Kazim, has high expectations Dalila just can’t seem to meet.

    In a world of lost magic, gods, dragons and other mythical creatures, Dalila is about to find out just where she belongs. Because in the heat of battle, she finds out she has the gift of magic. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t know how to control it.

    When the crown prince is killed, Dalila faces a difficult decision.
    The God of Death wants to strike a deal: if Dalila kills the King of Kash and ends the war, prince Kazim will return to the living. But if the prince remains dead, the enemy will win the war.

    Now Dalila has to train as a magician to be able to kill the King. But the magicians have the Sight, which means they will recognize her as a woman.

    Armed with newfound magic Dalila has to end a war and safe the prince, or else the enemy will win. For the prince is their only hope. And now, it seems, Dalila is as well.

    Let me know if you’re interested!



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