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    Entrance exams are only twelve weeks away and Yuki’s only focus is Trove Academy, until she is almost eaten alive that is. Now with her spirit ripped from her body and deserted in a foreign realm she must rely on the overconfident and intensely annoying Chaos God, Axis to get her home. However, when Axis is falsely imprisoned by Braxson, the Life God, Yuki suddenly finds herself thrust into the middle of a centuries old feud between the two and with time running out and her transformation into full fledged spirit almost complete, Yuki must make the choice to either serve Braxson for an eternity and return home to her family or die and rescue the man that saved her life.

    Hi all,
    Above is the draft hook for my query letter and brief run down of my MS.
    I am searching for a CP or Beta to read over the first three chapters of my YA Fantasy. I have critiqued in the past and would be willing to exchange chapters and provide honest feedback and suggestions without being rude or overstepping.
    If you feel we would be a good fit and are interested in working together please feel free tor PM me with your details.

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