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    Hi there. I’m seeking a critique partner for an approximately 115,000 word transgressive science fiction novel titled Captain Sam Bell and the Cities of Glass.

    Sam Bell takes place roughly 1,200-1,300 years in the future, approximately a thousand years after Earth’s surface has been made uninhabitable by self-replicating nanomachines à la the grey goo problem. The nanites can’t survive in salt water more than ten meters deep, however, and remnants of the human race survive in warren-like domed cities made of the one building material which is abundant enough to build such structures and capable of withstanding the deep ocean’s high pressures: glass.

    The setting may be exotic, but day-to-day life still goes on, and Captain Sam Bell and the Cities of Glass begins by following two beautiful, deeply religious sisters, Rachel and Leah, through a personal tragedy that shatters their lives and leaves them both sold as slaves. Pirate captain and generally violent criminal Sam Bell sees the sisters in the window of the slave shop where they’re being sold while he’s making an escape from a group of thugs, and purchases them to use them as a temporary distraction. Initially, he doesn’t give the pair any more thought than that: they’re just props to facilitate his getaway. Rachel and Leah are both quite attractive, however, and once Sam’s ship is underway and the danger has passed he quickly becomes infatuated with them both. Meanwhile, two passengers-made-prisoners aboard the same ship have stolen a secret which could change the fate of the world’s greatest nations.

    Be warned, that Sam Bell may contain triggers. It’s a deeply transgressive story that takes issues of faith, consent, slavery, love, jealousy, and sexual coercion directed against both males and females head-on. It isn’t porn or erotica, and these elements mainly focus around the way the characters cope, and how they think and feel about their situations. That said, I’m not shy about following my characters into the bedroom when it drives the story forward.

    I’m looking for a critique partner to review the first draft with an eye towards character development, general readability, continuity, and plausibility. There are multiple female and gay male characters in Sam Bell, and I’m a straight, cis male, so I would especially appreciate female and gay male critique partners. Also, while my understanding is that “critique partner” often implies someone who provides more objective assessment than subjective opinion, I place a lot of value on the latter, especially when it comes from people with different life perspectives than I have.

    I’m new to being a critique partner myself, but I’m willing to read just about anything. Because the process is new to me, I don’t have many expectations about how it works. I see that a lot of the requesters here ask to swap a chapter every week, and that would be fine for me, but because I’m new and don’t have a lot of expectations I’m more than flexible in this. Also, please note that while many of my characters are badly behaved, I am not: I’m a professional who’s respectful towards everyone I interact with, and I also keep my commitments.

    Thanks for reading. I would invite anyone who’s interested to contact me here on ladieswhocritique.com, or via my author website at

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