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    I write young adult science fiction and fantasy. I’m currently looking for a critique partner interested in a novel swap. We could start with a few chapters and see how compatible we are. I have two finished novels that I’m currently working on polishing with the intent to publish. Below, I’ve copied my summaries. If you’d be interested in critiquing either of these, please send me a message!

    Number 1:

    The world’s first virtual reality game is under attack by a virus: a nameless non-player character who offers fake quests, loots players’ treasure chests, and has triggered a massive orc-human war between two cities.

    Unknown to the players, the rogue NPC is actually Natalie Peijing Cai, an Asian-American scholarship student. After losing every cent in her bank account to an online thief, she enters a massive multi-player virtual reality game with monetary rewards. There, she is accidentally categorized as a non-player character when she makes her username her initials, NPC.

    In the real world, Natalie struggles with impatient landlords, incompetent TAs, and a gorgeous classmate who seems determined to catch her stealing food from the school cafeteria. In the virtual world, she’s hunted by the same classmate, genius inventor of virtual reality Erik Cederstrom, who believes her to be a dangerous AI.

    When Natalie’s family spirals into financial difficulties, she tackles a high-level quest to loot a dragon’s hoard. Her only recourse is to trick other players into fighting her battles by handing out fake quests. With thousands of dollars at stake, she’ll end up in serious legal trouble if anyone finds out she’s not a real non-player character.

    My 60,000 word young adult novel NPC: Non-Player Character explores a virtual fantasy world with real world consequences.

    Number 2:

    On the run from a witch hunt, Ebba stumbles up on a demon in the forest, stretched out against a boulder with his heart ripped out.

    “Hey, sheep. Give me your heart.”

    Extraordinarily, the heartless demon still lives, but he needs a replacement, and fast. Although she knows his pretty face and promises of power are nothing but lies, Ebba allows the demon to take her heart. After all, it’s a quicker death than starving in the forest or being burned at the stake, and if she has to die, she might as well give her life to save someone else.

    But that isn’t where this story ends. It’s where it begins. Ebba wakes up with nothing beating beneath her chest and a demon who has conscripted her into a death match with eleven other champions of hell.

    However, the demon has neglected to tell her the stakes of the game or what will happen to humanity if she wins. Demons are liars, tempters, and soul-stealers, and Ebba would have done well to remember that before saving a demon’s life.

    THE WITCH AND THE DEMON is a 78,000 word young adult fantasy novel with series potential.



    Hey! Are you still looking for a CP? The Witch and the Demon looks super interesting, and if you’re searching for someone, I’d be more than happy to help if I can 🙂

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